Reflecting on the Interior Spirit of a Visitandine

SrMargaretMaryMothermariehelene2006AnneGoetzeOur new weekly series will consist of excerpts of a book called An Abridgement of the Interior Spirit of the Religious of the Visitation of Holy Mary to assist those discerning a vocation to our way of life, or others interested in growing in their inner spiritual life.

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Of the Interior Spirit of the Daughters of the Visitation founded on Mount Calvary.


The little congregation of the Daughters of the Visitation resembles a sacred fountain from which many souls will draw the waters of salvation ; their whole life, both interior and exterior, is consecrated to God. It is a life entirely spiritual, the actions and resignations of which are so many prayers.

All their hours are dedicated to God; yes, even those of sleep and recreation are the fruits of charity. The glory which redounds to God from the seclusion of so many persons, assembled together for the increase of divine love, multiplying every day, makes an almost infinite sum of spiritual riches and treasures of grace.


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  1. Lisa Cardo says:

    In my experience this is exactly so. Without exception, the students with whom I attended Visitation Academy all experienced the reception of great graces from the prayers, teaching, and role model of the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary. Our lives were forever blessed by their gentle formation of our love for the Sacred Heart and Our Blessed Mother.

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