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June 2016

Reflections for July from the Guard of Honor

When we are young, we often have a reference model, a hero, a saint … we would like to become or at least look like. Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud proposes THE ideal model: Jesus Christ! Not only we are invited to imitate but by imitating we will discover the true meaning of […]

Sun Chat: Perseverence in Prayer

Bemoan Yourself to Our Lord   Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership   On Sunday we will chat about the importance of perseverance in prayer. We continue our series with Part II, Chapter 9: “Concerning Dryness in Meditation” from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis helps us see past our difficult times […]

Freedom-Point 2 St Francis de Sales

So loving is God’s hand as it handles our hearts!  So skillful is it in bringing its strength to us without depriving us of freedom, and in imparting to us the movement resulting from its power without hindering the movement of our will!  He adjusts his power to his sweetness in such wise that just […]