The Influence of Visitandine Sr Benigna Consolata on Saints and Others

Today, Sept 1, 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the passing of Visitandine mystic Sr. Benigna Consolata Ferrero. Many are just getting to know her but for years her writings and spirituality have influenced other holy souls!


  Sister Benigna Consolata Ferrero

(1916 – 2016)

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Sr Benigna Consolata

On August 13, 1915, not long before the death of Sister Benigna,  our Lord told her:

Benigna, little secretary of my love for creatures, you will write and publish your other writings …

One that has hidden all her life. Hidden in the Sacred Heart, as true Visitandine, after her death, she began to make loved the love that chose her.

Soon came to light her Vademecum PROPOSED TO RELIGIOUS SOULS . And quickly it was translated into more than ten languages, including Portuguese. And a short biography of thisanonymous author,a Visitation nun, was published. Also very quickly, it is translated into many other languages.



 Pe. Arintero

Servant of God Fr. Arintero

In 1925, the French public was delighted with the simplicity and delicacy of Sister Benigna, thanks in part to a small publication of Dominican Father Duriaux.

In Spain translations of her biography, and writings, was widely publicized by the Servant of God Father Juan Gonzalez Arintero (1860- 1928), Dominican restorer of mystical studies in Spain, grandmaster and spiritual director. He will recommend the spirituality of the Servant of God and begins to use it as a reference in many of his works.



Ven. M. Madalena

His spiritual daughter, the Venerable Mother Maddalena of the Blessed Sacrament (1888-1960), a Passionist nun, describes how she received a special light on her own spiritual journey by reading the VADEMECUM of Sister Benigna. By reading the following passage in which the Lord says: “This world is running into the abyss, but I’ll stop it with this little phalanx of generous souls who will fight under my command.”

Thus wrote Mother Magdalene: “Since reading this I  often have the thought that I will be one of those blissful souls …”

Mother Magdalene, “Apostle of Love” was one of the largest contributors of Father Arintero to his magazine Supernatural Life, with numerous articles written under the pseudonym J.PASTOR. This is one of the foremost mystical writers of the twentieth century.


María Teresa Desandais

M. M. Teresa Desandais


Merciful Love, as inspired M. Desandais

In France, Mother Maria Teresa Desandais (1876-1943), also a Visitation nun, Mother Superior of the Monastery Dreux-Vouvant, France, inspired the work of Merciful Love, whose writings were widely reported in Spain, also thanks to the efforts of Father Arintero with the PM Sulamitis pseudonym.

Sister Benigna was for Mother Desandais a confirmation of  her spiritual path, in continuity with the spirituality of the Visitation: “When the life of Sister Benigna arrived I felt a great joy 




S. M. Faustina

S. M. Faustina

In Poland, Sr Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), religious of Our Lady of Mercy, Apostle of Divine Mercy, which also received from the Lord, the title of his Secretary, and to whom the Polish bishops posit be proclaimed “Dr. the Church. ” Sister Benigna Consolata Life was one of the favorite readings of St. Faustina.


In particular, we can see Sr Benigna’s  great influence on the spirituality of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), who will now be canonized. this Sun Sept 4. She greatly appreciated her writings. As the founder of the Missionaries of Charity, she felt called by the Lord to form “victims of love” to quench the thirst of Jesus on the Cross.

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Madre Teresa




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