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October 2016

Teachings of Merciful Love- Meditation One

“Teachings of Merciful Love: aridity and tedium in the spiritual life” (MEDITATION ) 1. Living the truth. Life is too superficial. We have to teach souls to live the truth. Even most of those who profess Christian life and piety, just live for what affects the senses and satisfies his nature. Thus, from the moment  […]

St Francis de Sales on the Saints

Introduction to the Devout LifePart IICONTAINING SUNDRY COUNSELS AS TO UPLIFTING THE SOUL TO GOD IN PRAYER AND THE USE OF THE SACRAMENTS. Chapter XVI –How the Saints are united to us. INASMUCH as God continually sends us inspirations by means of His Angels, we may fitly send back our aspirations through the same channel. […]

Chatting about: Embracing our Limitations

Questions to Ponder: Today we hear about the importance of self esteem – not a quality that St. Francis talks about here. Many people in the world today would say that abjection, as St. Francis describes it, tears down self esteem. Is this true? What role does humility have in all of this? Connected with […]