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November 2016

Advent: Week 1: St Francis de Sales on the Incarnation

The Advent season begins this Sunday, and to live it well and prepare for Christmas, we present some thoughts from St. Francis de Sales on the Incarnation from his sermons. Week 1 Sunday: ” Scribes and Pharisees declared that they were awaiting the promised Messiah, the Desired of the Nations and Him whom Jacob called […]

Stupendous and Spiritual-Wow to Divine Mercy Event!

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, Mr. Daniel DiSilva came to Visitation Monastery, Brooklyn, to present the story and the documentary on the discovery, history and travels of the Original painting of the Divine Mercy picture. No fictional detective story can match the journey of this holy and anointed painting,executed by artist Eugene Kazimirowski under the […]

Peace and Patience

Do Not Set About Your Work With Restlessness and Excitement Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership On Sunday we will chat about peace and patience. We continue our series with Part III, Chapter 10: “We Must Attend to the Business of Life Carefully, But Without Eagerness or Over-Anxiety” from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint […]