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November 2016

Chatting about: Faults and Mercy

Even though our sins offend God and can separate us from God, why is it so important to not focus so heavily on our faults? St. Francis warns against “self-love.” What would the difference be between “self-love” and a proper love of one’s self? If we are to lean on God’s mercy and the redemption […]

Gentleness Towards Ourselves

What we want is a quiet, steady, firm displeasure at our own faults   Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership     We continue our series with Part III, Chapter 9: “Gentleness Towards Ourselves” from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis teaches us to learn to move forward in God’s mercy. One important direction […]

Chatting about: Anger and Gentleness

  Sister Susan Marie: How in your life can you practice a greater degree of gentleness towards your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.? How would you explain the difference between holy and just anger versus unholy and unhealthy anger? Why do you think that we tend more easily towards anger instead of gentleness? Is it […]