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November 2016

An Interview with Brooklyn Superior about the film, The Original Image of Divine Mercy

Mother Susan Marie explains to us the connection between the Sisters of the Visitation and the film The Image of the Divine Mercy.  Thank you, Mother Susan, for speaking with us and helping us to see the hand of God in our rich Visitation history and in our present. On behalf of Mother Susan and […]

Chatting about: Our Reputation

SrSusan (guest): We have all heard it exclaimed: “Who cares what people think!” Based on this reflection, how would St. Francis’s advice move you to respond to such a claim? St. Francis warns us that our own vices can potentially dismantle our reputation. How might your life in pursuit of holiness by marred by your […]

Teachings of Merciful Love-Meditation 3

From the Writings of P.P. Sulamitis (Visitandine SR Marie Therese Desandais), as she understood the Lord’s words to her:   It is not understood that the work of our Heavenly Father is in our souls, and it is squandered by many that escape him. Few souls penetrate intimately into my divine mysteries and know how […]