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January 2017

More on the Cause of Leonie Martin

http://www.leveildelisieux.fr/2017/01/25/apres-sa-soeur-et-ses-parents-leonie-martin-sur-la-voie-de-la-canonisation/http://www.leveildelisieux.fr/2017/01/25/apres-sa-soeur-et-ses-parents-leonie-martin-sur-la-voie-de-la-canonisation/ Thérèse Martin and her parents, Louis and Zélie, canonized, ” is already exceptional,” confers Bishop Jean-Claude Boulanger, bishop of the diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux. But a fourth member of the Martin family has already taken the long road that leads to canonization. The trial of the cause of beatification of Léonie Martin was opened on […]

Blessed Feast of St. Francis de Sales!

In these contemporary times, since Vatican 11, the Feast of St. Francis de Sales has been celebrated on January 24th, moved from its former date of January 29. This act of God’s Divine Providence, through the hands of the Church, places St. Francis and St. Paul as “next –door- neighbors”, so to speak, as the […]

Chatting about: Spiritual Friendship

Questions to Ponder: We often see many superficial friendships among people around us (maybe even in our own lives). How do we strive to maintain only genuine friendships? Should we expect every friendship to be genuine? How can we distinguish between superficial friendships and acquaintances? Or better, how can we stop acquaintances from turning into […]