Holy Week Triduum- St Francis de Sales

Thursday April 13 Holy Thursday

I salute thee O holy Cross! standard of salvation, palm tree of life, sword wherewith the devil has been slain, medicine of immortality, defense of the present life, pledge of eternal life, sacred sign of Christians, trophy of King Jesus! O dear and desirable Cross! receive me into thy venerable arms.

Friday April 14 Good Friday

Jesus, my Spouse! by kissing and embracing Thy Cross, Thou did kiss and embrace all our little crosses,so as to make us love them more! O my little crosses! my little troubles, dislikes, humiliations, however small you may be, Jesus has seen you, kissed you and sanctified you, how then, should I not receive you with an open heart?

Saturday April 15 Holy Saturday

O holy lover of the Cross! I pray that after your example, I may love crucifixion of body and heart! O holy cross! remain as a chain of love, and as a sure rampart on my chest.

Source: Meditations from the Writings of St Francis de Sales

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