Lenten Reflection 6- Holy Week

“During the days on which we are about to enter and indeed, amid which we already are, holy Church draws our attention to the marks of love that Our Lord has given to us. In considering them, it is impossible to remain cold and indifferent,, to abide in egoism and not to feel pressed by the desire to correspond to love, by love and to give to Our Lord proofs of it.

Deeds are necessary. Words of tenderness do not suffice. These things are good, but they are not love; love is proved by works.

If we could understand the full extent of the love of the Divine Savior!

Let us give our love to Our Lord without doing anything extraordinary but only profiting well by all the occasions that God will give  us.Oh, refuse nothing to the requirements of love! Walk always forward. This is to live a life of continual generosity towards God.”


(From Mother Philomene Du Gasset’s Reflections)

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