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April 2017

Blessed Easter from St Francis de Sales

Live+Jesus   “Consider, Jesus rose from the tomb by His own power; He came forth by His own might. Behold Jesus more triumphant than ever, behold Jesus alive! O holy and faithful Virgin! how sweet to thy maternal heart has been this happy news; thy Son is living! My soul, revere in silence this triumphant […]

Holy Week Triduum- St Francis de Sales

Thursday April 13 Holy Thursday I salute thee O holy Cross! standard of salvation, palm tree of life, sword wherewith the devil has been slain, medicine of immortality, defense of the present life, pledge of eternal life, sacred sign of Christians, trophy of King Jesus! O dear and desirable Cross! receive me into thy venerable […]

Chatting about: Correct Judgment

SrSusan (Guest): Is Saint Francis saying that we should never judge whatsoever? What is the distinction between rash judgment and right judgment? Where in your life do you tend to look for the spec in your brother’s eye and not notice the wooden beam in your own eye? (see Matthew 7:3)       SrSusanMarie […]