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April 2017

April Dates of Significance to the Visitation Nuns

April 2, 1787: The Superior of the Visitation of Annecy made known to the whole Order the 5 visions of a sister  and to whom Jesus asked for a renewal of devotion to His Heart and the spread of Its worship. This is what triggered at the Visitation of Nantes the making and spreading of […]

Chatting about: Gossip and Proper Speech

Guest9606 (Guest): Quest. ! I need to eliminate detraction from my life by guarding any thing I may say about a neighbor who is rather troublesome. Apr 2 2017, 4:39 PM Guest9606 (Guest): Quest 2. Somtimes it is easy to speak ill of someone if we only see a negative side of the person. Some […]

New Movie in the works on the Life of St Francis de Sales

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of François de Sales, the parish of St François de Sales (Thorens, Groisy, St Martin-Bellevue, Aviernoz and Charvonnex, France) is preparing a show for October 14, 2017, featuring a filmed part reconstituting François’s life . We need people to build the team. Contact us: aumonerie-stfrancoisdesales@diocese-annecy.fr See clip of […]