The Pen and the Crosier-450th Anniversary of St Francis de Sales’ Birth

The Parish of St. Francis de Sales in Geneva Switzerland is also celebrating the 450th Birthday of Our Visitation Founder, St. Francis de Sales. On their website, they say:

Jubilee Year of Saint Francis of Sales
The life of St. Francis de Sales was a relatively brief life, but lived with great intensity. From the figure of this saint emanates an impression of rare plenitude, demonstrated in the serenity of his intellectual pursuit, but also in the richness of his feelings, in the “sweetness” of his teachings which had a great influence on the Christian conscience. From the word “humanity”, he embodied the various meanings that, today as well as yesterday, this term can take: culture and courtesy, freedom and tenderness, nobility and solidarity. He had in his aspect something of the majesty of the landscape in which he lived, retaining also his simplicity and naturalness. (…) The ideal of a reconciled humanity manifested itself, in harmony between action in the world and prayer, between secular conditions and the quest for perfection, with the help of the grace of God that permeates man (…)
Benedict XVI

The year 2017 is a jubilee year: we celebrate the 450th anniversary of the birth of Saint Francis de Sales! This year will allow us through various events to listen to us and to let us jostle again by the one who bears the title of Doctor of Love!
The pen and the crosier …
… are two attributes that designate Saint Francis de Sales:
The pen, since since 1923 the Catholic Church considers this man of writing and a pioneer in the use of printing,as the patron saint of journalists and writers;
The crosier, which is the symbol of his ministry as bishop of Geneva

Here are some opening ceremonies:

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