Chatting about: Appropriate Entertainment

At first consideration, you might wonder if Saint Francis is a bit out of touch. However, what is the point he is getting at? What’s the deeper issue he is concerned about?
Connected with the first question, think about how frivolously indifferent we can be to certain things in our world/culture that actually can be a means of spiritual harm. What is something you can think of?
How can we take heed to Saint Francis’ advice without seeming puritanical and moralistic?


Guest4623 (Guest): Hi jEveryone, it’s Judy. I am a bit under the weather tonight so I am not staying. I just want to make one comment on tonight’s topic– I think that St. Francis was a bit hypervigilant regarding entertainment. I do think that caution is needed re: today’s music, TV and movies. But not everything threatens morality. Have a good chat!

Apr 30, 7:21 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Thanks dear Judy I hope you feel better- stay in touch if you need us

26 PM

SrSusan (Guest): In regards to Judy’s comments above, I do know thAT St Francis de Sales had a high respect for community recreations but they were not considered as entertainment but in lifting one another’s spirits in a cheerful way7:27 PM

SrSusan (Guest): One is supposed to prepare to have something to say at recreation

Apr 30, 7:27 PM

Lisa C: I think we need to be careful


Lisa C: I mean at balls and dances

Apr 30, 7:27 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Even at dinners sometimes

7 PM8 PM

Carol Ann: It is interesting that as we are reading this chapter I am reading in my novitiate work The Fire of God the chapter on lust, which deals in part with worldly entertainments


Apr 30, 7:28 PM

Lisa C: When we go somewhere our intentions may not be the same as others’ intentions

Apr 30, 7:28 PM

SrSusan (Guest): That’s Divine Providence! Never heard of that book-is it part of your congregations work?


Carol Ann: In Fire of God it is a matter of guarding our hearts and our purity and remembering to Whom we are already married as vowed celibate


Apr 30, 7:30 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Hi Sister Susan , Lisa , Judy , and Carol Ann ! God Bless You ! Bran

31 PM

Carol Ann: Yes Sr. Susan. It is one of John Michael Talbot’s works explain his experience and the teachings of St Francis of AssisI


Apr 30, 7:31 PM

Carol Ann: Hi Brian!


Apr 30, 7:32 PM

Lisa C: After Visitation and St. Joseph Hill it was not easy to transition into situations with boys

5 PM

SrSusan (Guest): I’ll never forget a few years ago we Sisters put on a play for a Board that helped us with Monastery issues- they were delighted by it and mentioned in particular its innocence

Apr 30, 7:35 PM

SrSusan (Guest): People are not accustomed to innocent entertainment anymore

35 PM

Lisa C: Yes, that was how we grew up there. 35 PM

Lisa C: Felt very gullible in the world for a long time:36 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Imagine home schooled children- yet they are the ones, many of them, who enter religious life


Carol Ann: The chapter has much more to say about remaining pure and proper relationships than worldly entertainments and battling them through joy, praise and thanksgiving. Also talks about how these intertwine with the gift of tongues and the gift of tears


Apr 30, 7:37 PM

Lisa C: I think Blessed Mother was guarding us all at VA

Apr 30, 7:37 PM

SrSusan (Guest): That sounds very intriguing- charismatic


Guest3226 (Guest): I think before any big recreation event we can pray and ask God to use us to encourage others . I always bring my Bible with me wherever I go . I have had soo many amazing experiences just seeing the encouragement God brings to others even with just the presence of the Word of God . When I can and there are breaks even at Hockey games or football games I will read Gods Word . It never goes out void ! Praise God !

Apr 30, 7:38 PM

Carol Ann: Yes there is a very charismatic bent, but we are trained to not seek the experience but He who gives the experience


Guest3226 (Guest): We were at a Buffalo Bills Game and my son Mitch said to me that the people were saying in front of him that this is not a Bible Study but a Bills game . The man next to me was soo comforted he had his father who was not well physically at Game and they were able to enjoy Game together you could see that the presence of Gods were was encouraging to them and many others !

Apr 30, 7:45 PM

Ruth (Guest): I dunno. I don’t experience much entertainment. It takes all my time, it seems, to do the necessities . . .

Apr 30, 7:46 PM

Lisa C: I think TV and movies are having a really bad effect on children. When we were growing up we had TV shows that had moral lessons, respect for parents, and families. TV for the last 30 years shows no morality and shows amoral lifestyles as a norm.

47 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): There has been a movement in the Christian community for

Apr 30, 7:47 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Definitely entertainment today has many evil inclinations or elements.

Apr 30, 7:48 PM

Ruth (Guest): Today I was going to have a “date” — sorta — for the first time in many years — to go for a walk at the VIC with a man I know a bit from the Adult Center lunches. But the weather’s been awful, so we decided to “play it by ear” — if there’s a good day during the week. And next Sunday we plan to attend the Adirondack Singers Concert at St. Bernard’s Church.

Apr 30, 7:48 PM

Carol Ann: Even the commercials are immoral these days and do not even really advertise or explain a product the way they used to

9 PM

Carol Ann: There are positives though, such as the rise of the Christian entertainment industry


Carol Ann: What fun, Ruth


Apr 30, 7:50 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Many years to improve entertainment and to make it to Glorify God . These artists and filmmakers are training a whole new generation how to make meaningful entertainment again at an extremely high level ! Praise God !

:50 PM

Ruth (Guest): I have not had TV for years and I don’t miss it. I can get programs I particularly want to watch on the computer most of the time; and that way I am not wasting time sitting in front of the TV just because it is on. I have lots of VHS’s and DVD’s I have not yet found time to watch — all good stuff, I think.

Apr 30, 7:51 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Do these new movements put out DVD’s and such?

1 PM

Ruth (Guest): Old. Selected, at least in part, by the woman who used to be director of the Saranac Lake Adult Center.\

Apr 30, 7:52 PM

Ruth (Guest): Purchased at her home garage sale.


Carol Ann: Yes. Look for a movie called WAR Room about the power of prayer. Or The Encounter about groups of people on their last night of life who meet Jesus and must choose 3 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): The really good entertainment and journalism will Shine Brighter than ever in the devils junkyard that we see today . People will come to our Lord Jesus with encouragement from these artists and journalists that really know Jesus !!!

Apr 30, 7:54 PM

Carol Ann: Lisa, did that movie make you feel homesick for heaven?


Apr 30, 7:54 PM

Lisa C: No, Carol Ann, Jesus is here now

Apr 30, 7:55 PM

Carol Ann: And I have probably talked much here about the Catholic Writers Guild

:55 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Great Movies Carol Ann the kids really loved Encounter

Apr 30, 7:55 PM

Carol Ann: Of course He is here now, but this is not our true home

5 PM

Lisa C: I feel like I have work to do for Him

Apr 30, 7:55 PM

Ruth (Guest): I purchased a few excellent DVD sets, mainly for evangelizing, e.g. CATHOLICISM — Bishop Robert Barron — beautiful!

Apr 30, 7:55 PM

Carol Ann: Me too


Apr 30, 7:56 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): War room was very powerful if you get to see DVD watch the extras they interview the real life lady the movie is based on powerful


SrSusan (Guest): Does this question seem relevant: How can we take heed to Saint Francis’ advice without seeming puritanical and moralistic?

Apr 30, 7:58 PM

Ruth (Guest): Is Heaven is Real written by a neurologist who used to be an atheist?

Apr 30, 7:58 PM

Lisa C: I think we seem puritanical and moralistic to worldly people. Does that matter?

Apr 30, 7:59 PM

Carol Ann: Ruth, it’s the one about the little boy who saw heaven while he was gravely I’ll


Apr 30, 7:59 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): These movies have been getting approved to come into prison and they have had big impact on Men in prison

Apr 30, 7:59 PM

Ruth (Guest): There’s a book with a similar title that our Book Discussion Group at St. Agnes read and discussed. It is not Catholic, but interesting to see points of agreement and disagreement.

Apr 30, 7:59 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): MMany are visual learners

Apr 30, 8:00 PM

Carol Ann: Yes, because it shows a morality based on something outside and above ourselves


Apr 30, 8:00 PM

Ruth (Guest): Oh, Carol Ann, that’s a different one. The Neurologist believed he experienced Heaven, too, while he was “clinically dead.”


Ruth (Guest): There is a sequal, too, Map of Heaven, which I recently picked up.

Apr 30, 8:01 PM

Carol Ann: Yes, I have he a rd of the one you mean. The local Barnes and Noble has a whole section now for books like this


Lisa C: There are also the old movies like The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

Apr 30, 8:01 PM

Carol Ann: Much better than some of the fiction thwt’s out there


Apr 30, 8:02 PM

Lisa C: The Song of Bernadette


Carol Ann: I should be, but I am so far behind on everything


Apr 30, 8:05 PM

Ruth (Guest): BTW I must repeat: there is — reportedly — excellent entertainment available through the website I mentioned a couple of weeks ago — membership given as a Christmas present to all parishioners in this diocese and in NY Diocese. I

Apr 30, 8:05 PM

Ruth (Guest): It’s called FORMED.

Apr 30, 8:05 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Sister Susan the video you and the other Visitation Sisters did was is very powerful . It was extremely well done . I will play it from youtube when I get discouraged . You and the other Sisters testimony always encourages me ! Thank You For Participating in making of film .Soo Helpful to me personaly!

Apr 30, 8:05 PM

Lisa C: I am not reading now, but keep re-reading Mother of Christ Crusade

Apr 30, 8:06 PM

Lisa C: It is my favorite Fatima book

9 PM

Ruth (Guest): When I am tired, and eyes blurry, but not yet ready to sleep, sometimes I read books intended for children and adolescents. Those with Newburry Awards are always good.

Apr 30, 8:10 PM

Carol Ann: Me too Ruth. A lot if them are far better than books meant for adults


Apr 30, 8:10 PM

Lisa C: The whole Church and all goodness is under attack


SrSusan (Guest): Hugely, yes Lisa

Apr 30, 8:11 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Very nice the one that I watch is the NET TV about 9 minutes long ! You have a gift for TV Evangelism Sister Susan !

Apr 30, 8:11 PM

Lisa C: I wonder if the Anniversary of Fatima and the canonization will alert people to pray and our new Saints will help things turn around

Apr 30, 8:11 PM

Lisa C: They were such precious children

Apr 30, 8:12 PM

SrSusan (Guest): and what a model for children! Us too!

3 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): I used to volunteer as cameraman at local Christian Television Station Sister and you have a gift of sharing God’

Apr 30, 8:13 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Thank you Brian! You just gave me an idea! Hopefully it is the Holy Spirit

4 PM

Lisa C: Kennedy may be retiring from the Supreme Court and he was usually a swing vote. Maybe we can have a 5:4 court soon and turn things back toward normal. 4 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Maybe the new members here and I could pursue that

Apr 30, 8:14 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): You have gift of Sharing God’s Love on television . Your interview on EWtN I believe is how I got invitatio to chat !

Apr 30, 8:15 PM

Carol Ann: Have you received any more miracle stories for the collection?


Apr 30, 8:16 PM

SrSusan (Guest): No but I would like more Carol Anne!

7 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): I was in Orlando on family vacation many God moments throughout trip !

Apr 30, 8:17 PM

Ruth (Guest): True. The children were so pure, simple, devoted — but I’ve seen — and read – some saint books intended for children that would likely scare the children and their parents and not encourange them to live lives of holiness.

Apr 30, 8:17 PM

SrSusan (Guest): If any of you are around 2PM Thurs/ 1PM Central and want to call in to EWTN, Anne G’s artwork on Visitation is being featured and she, interviewed


Guest3226 (Guest): Wonderful Sister Susan !

Apr 30, 8:18 PM

Lisa C: People near NY might be able to come to the Mass on Saturday too

Apr 30, 8:19 PM

Ruth (Guest): Mea culpa, about the stories/poems, etc. I have a great deal of difficulty just keeping up with — or trying to keep up with — the

Apr 30, 8:19 PM

Ruth (Guest): “must dos”

Apr 30, 8:20 PM

Ruth (Guest): I’ll mark my calendar. EWTN can be watched live on the computer.

8:21 PM

Ruth (Guest): And you can even watch EWTN “around the world.” Occasionally I’ve watched it in German.

Apr 30, 8:21 PM

SrSusan (Guest): Healing stories are good for encouragement

Apr 30, 8:21 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): Great show Sister and they replay I believe throughout week

3 PM

Guest3226 (Guest): These stories save lives all the time ! Powerful tool God uses to help others I will be praying!!!

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