Reflection on the Precious Blood according to the Guard of Honor’s Foundress

July is the month of the Precious Blood, many are the baptized who ignore it. Yet it is through the Divine Blood of Jesus that we are washed from our sins! Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud reminds us of the importance of invoking the Precious Blood often for us but also for all our brothers and sisters!

The very precious Offering (month of the Precious Blood)

From the purest blood of the Immaculate Virgin, under the direct action of the Holy Spirit, the body of Jesus was formed. By the effusion of the blood of this adorable body our redemption was effected. Jesus knew it and was anxious to spread it: “I must be baptized with a baptism of blood, and how long it takes me to fulfill it.” (Luke 12,50)

Jesus pours his blood in circumcision, in the Garden of Olives, at the pillar of flagellation, in the crowning of thorns, at the crucifixion, and at the same time we are reconciled and saved! But this redemption by his blood could not be total if he had not sprung it from his pierced heart. Only Mary and Mary Magdalene, faithful guards of honor at the foot of the cross, gathered this last and supreme outpouring of love, raised it to heaven and began the exercise of a mystical priesthood that will be transmitted over the centuries within the Church and which will also become that of the Guards of Honor.

Every day, in a prayer of offering, we can offer the Eternal Father, the most precious Blood of Jesus in reparation for all the sins of the world: “Holy Father, receive as a sacrifice of atonement for the Church, Sins of men, the most precious Blood and water coming out of the wound of the divine Heart of Jesus, and give us mercy!

In this month of July, let us multiply this moment and effective prayer, keep it incessantly high, between the guilty earth and heaven , our chalice of blessings. If attacks are made against God or the Church, if we are tempted, if the ordeal defeats us, and if we have failed, a hundred times a day,  offer our chalice in reparation! It is at every moment, in all forms, that we can avail ourselves of this inestimable treasure in favor of all our distresses.

The Guard of Honor is not only the “guardian” of his wounded Lord, but at the same time, offers the Precious Blood to the Father in reparation for the sins of all men, and becomes the “keeper” of all his brothers. During this month, let us carry out our cooperative mission with zeal and repeat as much as necessary this prayer of offering! (Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud)

* Sacrificial act offered to God to make him favorable, in order to obtain atonement, forgiveness of sins.

May it be with you that the Lord will accompany you and bless you in your meetings and summer activities!

Celebrations of the month

3: S. Thomas
7: 1st Friday of the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
11: S.Benedict
16: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
22: Ste Marie Madeleine 1st Guard of Honor (Plenary indulgence)
25: S. James
26: Ss Joachim and Anne
31: S. Ignatius de Loyola

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