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July 2017

Our Sunday Visitor Features article on St Francis de Sales

Entitled The Four Stages of Loving by Oblate Father John Crossin, you can read the article here: https://www.osv.com/OSVNewsweekly/Article/TabId/535/ArtMID/13567/ArticleID/22719/The-four-stages-of-loving.aspx

Chatting about: Overcoming Temptation Through God’s Faithfulness

Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): What do you think of the opening illustration? What point is it trying to prove? Think about its extreme circumstance. You might think that it puts someone in the position of having no choice but to give into temptation, but what is the important point that we gain from the story? […]

God’s Faithfulness

Only God can give us the strength to abhor and overcome temptation     Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership   We continue our series with Part IV, Chapter 4 “Two Striking Illustrations of the Same.“ from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis reminds us that we avoid temptation only by the strength of […]