Feast of St. Jane de Chantal August 12

Saint Jane Frances, who, persuaded that true devotion can not be without perseverance, you accepted  the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom you chose as your mother from a tender age, keeping firm and constant under the protection of the Blessed Virgin, until the last breath of your life. I beg you, that by this filial and affectionate devotion you may obtain from the most sweet Jesus the grace of having you as a mother. Holy Mother,  in this life, being her true daughter, may I honor the Blessed Mother of Jesus  in your company in glory. Amen.

Make three acts of deep humility for the gift of the Blessed Virgin.

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  1. CHERYL NAHAS says:

    Dear Rev Mother Sr.Susan-Marie,
    Happy Feast Day of Ste Jeanne de Chantal.
    This is a really wonderful Visitation museum website of Moulins and I’m enjoying reading your articles.Thank you for pointing out this region in France to me over the phone..when I stayed at the Monastery,the small museum I visited in Annecy below the gift shop of the Basilica gave me a foretaste of the Visitation Order from Ste Jeanne de Chantal and St Francis de Sales artifacts..how marvelous to be blessed with 400 years of so much liturgical beauty, history and relics. Thank you for sharing.

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