For Jesus, In Jesus, With Jesus

Jesus Christ, after having offered us an abode in his Heart, invites us today to live from His life, that is, to divinize all our actions, doing them for Him, with Him and in Him.The souls who wish to glorify their Creator and return love to Him for love,
feel sorry for seeing their impotence. And, how is this impotence in our corrupted nature! What inconstancy in our faculties! What weakness in our body! What a decay in all our being! In a word, we are reduced to the most complete misery. And, nevertheless,we must pay God a cult worthy of Him and serve Him irreproachably fulfilling all our duties.

Let us be comforted by Him, per ipsum, as our holy books say.  What would we have done among such serious obligations without this Mediator so compassionate?
Inhabitants of His sweet Heart, for He has deigned to allow us to set in Him our abode, through Him we will go to the Father; From now on we will pray to Jesus,we will work, we will suffer and we will love; By Him we will live from this supernatural life which is the consummation of holiness.Just as when a drop of water falls in a glass filled with a liqueur or wine, at the moment it is coated of its properties, likewise a simple prayer, a humble service to our neighbor, a slight pain suffered  with patience and other acts even smaller, but offered to God for Jesus Christ, will acquire an incalculable merit for eternity.Not only will we work for Him by presenting ourselves to the Father by His beloved Son, as Jacob covered with the clothes of his brother Esau was presented to his father  to receive the blessing, but to act, suffer and love with Jesus.With Him … • Cum ipso. What comfort to walk in this exile with such a friend, carry the weight of the heat of the day with a Savior Let us pray to this Heavenly Pilgrim every morning .

In Him. Et in ipso. Let us advance further in love. Living for Jesus is very comforting, living with Jesus sanctifies us, but living in Jesus absorbed in his love, buried in his sweet Heart, is the height of happiness and to this are invited as
The Honor Guards. To the faithful Associate who is invited  to settle in his Heart He says today:”My son, not only is your abode, your heritage unalterable this Heart, but as it is necessary to lead a life according to the nobility of such a domicile,I give myself to you to supply what you lack. For me, with me  you will come to this Divine likeness that will make you a worthy guest of your God and Lord ” Ineffable condescension, sweet prodigality of our Savior.Who will refuse to enter fully into this happy life and that with so much ease that  leads to holiness? Let us rehearse with humble confidence, let us seek  with effort and fidelity to put on Jesus Christ.

As we begin our principal actions, let us direct the view of our soul to our Heavenly Father and consecrate them with the meaning they contain These three words: For Jesus, with Jesus and in Jesus.And God, in consideration of Him by whom, with whom and in whom we work, we pray, we suffer and we love,  will say: “This is the voice of such and such a Guard of Honor, But I feel the perfumed smell of the clothes of my Son with which he has covered himself and in consideration of this beloved Son, I welcome, hear and bless him.”
+ Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud VHM
Foundress of the Honor Guard

Prayer to implore graces and beatification Of the Sister Maria of the Sacred Heart Bernaud
(For private use)
Heart of Jesus, source of life and holiness, grant to your Church the grace of
The beatification of your servant and apostle, Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart,
Founder of the Honor Guard.
For your intercession, I ask … Heart of Jesus, rich in
Mercy, make the example of the life of Sister Mary of the
Sacred Heart help me to know and fulfill your will.
I desire, in a spirit of reparation for the sins of the world, to praise
Your mercy and your incomprehensible love. Amen.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, your kingdom come to us!

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