Holding our hearts high

There are hours when life would not be supportable, or the soul would suffocate under the pressure of pain, if it could not rise higher, take refuge in the upper regions or reign with a  peace that nothing could disturb .

With the aid of this high heart, let us never be discouraged, let us joyfully traverse our arid desert, face all our deceptions, all the hassles, all the tribulations… With the heart above, let us ascend above all that is agitated on earth, with all that troubles us, crushes us, humbles us and disconcerts us. The elevated heart   will feel less the stings of criticism, the bites of envy, the wounds of the calumny, the material worries of daily life.

Has it ever happened to us, having climbed a high mountain at the foot of which are agitating cities of life, to find us exalted, alone and peaceful on this summit? A thousand different passions stir under our gaze, and yet nothing disturbed or alarmed us, because nothing came upon us.! because nothing affected us: it is the same with our soul, disengaged from its terrestrial preoccupations, when it arises in the breast Of God to recharge and rest there. Secret wonders that all the saints have experienced!

When we are harassed by fatigue, buried in embarrassments, harassed by our duties of all kinds and sorrows of all kinds, let us rest at the gate of heaven: lift high our hearts! Our heart will escape for a moment from all these physical and mental torments, it will breathe the pure air of liberty in the Heart of Jesus. Thus we will render it vigorous to our soul, who will valiantly support the good fight, and pursue our path in a more holy way!(Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud)

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