Preparing for St. Jane de Chantal’s Feast Day

The Feast of the Foundress of the Visitation of Holy Mary, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, falls on Saturday August 12th, a week from today.

Prayer is a perfect way to prepare to honor this Saint.

Day 1:

Omnipotent and merciful God,you gave St. Jane  an admirable and  strong spirit, to walk in perfection through all the paths of spiritual life, and you desired by this means, to give to the Church  a new family, grant us by her  merits and prayers, strength as well . Knowing our weakness, we trust in your virtue, so with the help of divine grace we will overcome all adversity. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Day 2:
Jesus, divine Spouse of St. Jane Frances,  whom you strengthened with your hope so sure, she who  founded many Monasteries;  and against the misgivings and fears of the most learned men, she followed the high ways of her spirit, firm in your promises always;, Jesus, grant me, by the firm hope of your servant, a constant hope of being saved, to execute all that leads to your glory without fear of human respect. This grace I ask of you in this prayer. Amen.
Day 3:
Jesus, sweet consolation of St. Jane Frances. whom your love inflamed, so that your sweet and holy name was imprinted on her breast, so that it might be sealed with such a seal :  Grant me  the tender and strong love that your servant had for you, a most ardent love for your Majesty, and for the happiness of dying in an act of love of yours. Amen.

This day perform be three acts of love of God.
Day 4


Oh my God! Sweet shepherd of St. Jane Frances, to whom you communicated the zeal of the salvation of souls, she were led to perfection and glory with such immense labors of her holy life, and so many convents of Sisters who have converted their houses into gardens of the heavenly Bridegroom: Jesus, I beg you, that by the ardent zeal of your servant you grant me a Perfect love for my neighbors, and guide me  to eternal glory. Amen.

This day perform three acts of desires  asking for the salvation of souls.

Day 5

O strength of my soul, and especially of St. Jane Frances,  whom you strengthened with a heroically strong spirit, may I  suffer for Your immense labors, as you gave her an unbeaten patience in all of them.  This life has been given to us to suffer, and eternity to enjoy: I beg You, Jesus , grant me  the unbeaten patience of your handmaid, a perfect patience that my consolation and glory is  in the labors of this life, assuring the eternal life.Crucified with You on the Cross I hope to deserve the grace that I ask in this Novena. Amen.

Day 6

Eternal God, You have given your chosen servant a magnanimous humility, so solid and profound that she could maintain sanctity, and the singular graces and perfect virtues in the applause which followed her heroic deeds. May you grant me, through your humble servant’s profound humility, a solid and truthful humility which will make me aware of my sins; it has illuminated the darkness of my mind, apart from my soul.  Let my heart be ready to obtain the grace I may ask of you in this Novena. Amen.

This day make three acts of deep humility

Day 7

My Jesus, most loving father of St. Jane Frances whom you favored with such a high degree of prayer that You placed her among the seraphim, and made her an enlightened teacher in this science of the saints to give sure rules to her Daughters: I beg you, my Jesus, grant me the high prayer of your servant,to  be her disciple, and give me grace to take advantage of the exercise of an attentive and solid prayer that has by its fruit the perfect observance of your holy law and evangelical counsels; And grant me what I ask of you in this Novena. Amen.

This day three preparations will be made for prayer.

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