All for Love- New Film about St Francis de Sales

The project was born a little over a year ago, in the heart of the parish of Saint-François de Sales (Thorens-Glières, Groisy, Charvonnex, Saint-Martin-Bellevue, Les Ollières). The parish celebrates the 450th anniversary of the birth of the Saint. With gatherings, times of reflection, pilgrimages. And in the minds of some members of the Pastoral Animation Team, germinates the idea of ​​making a film.
“We wanted to experience something strong between generations,” says EAP member Catherine Dunand. “It was also an opportunity to show that the Church can be joyful and to live our faith differently,” adds Jean-Rémi Dunand, who is involved in chaplaincy.

The parish priest was agreeable, and the parishioners set out. The project creates a dynamic. And the film takes shape. “We had started with a children’s film and finally we wanted to dig into the spirituality of the Saint so that all the generations can find something there,” explains Jean-Rémi.
On the backstage, it’s sometimes epic: the costumes, the locations, the extras, the actors. “I wanted to play well, but not learn too long texts!” “says Claude Lombard, an interpreter of Saint-François de Sales. Fortunately, it is a voice-over that tells the life and the interiority of the Saint: not too many dialogues for Claude!

“Everything for love”: A movie, a show, a book!

On October 14 and 15, 2017, the team will presented the film in preview, in the Salle Tom Morel. For these exceptional evenings, the film will be interspersed with live scenes. It will be a question of explaining how Salesian values ​​can nourish our faith. “Patience has particularly appealed to me,” smiled Elisa, 14. The parishioners also examined prayer, love, gentleness, humility and optimism. “These are now cardinal points in my life,” says Anne-Catherine.
The parish also published a book, with the photos of the film and the script. A gift to offer the participants … which could well reach more widely.
The film will be able to circulate in parishes, catechism groups and chaplaincies. Thonon and Annecy have already been asked. The previews of the 14 and 15 oct. are complete. A success already before its release!
Testifying  at the microphone:

Anne-Catherine Dunand, member of the Pastoral Animation Team
Jean-Rémi Dunand, Head of the College Chaplaincy
Céline Sola, member of the Pastoral Animation Team
Claude Lombard, parishioner of Groisy, interpreter of Saint Francis de Sales
Elisa Metral-Boffod, schoolgirl, actress in the stage part on October 14th and 15th
Alexandre Schorderet, professional actor, performer of Saint-François de Sales and voice-over player

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