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October 2017

Chatting about Virtue Oct 29 Chat

SrSusan (Guest): Virtue and vice tonight let us stick with virtue Oct 29, 7:28 PM SrSusan (Guest): I always refer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus when we think of virtue because all virtue flows from His Heart Oct 29, 7:29 PM Guest8278 (Guest): Amen Sister Susan ! Oct 29, 7:29 PM Carol Ann: Hi […]

The Judgement of the Lord

From the feast of the holy souls and the saints to that of Christ the King, everything reminds us in this month that we are only people passing through the earth and that we will meet the King of kings face to face! Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud reminds us of this reality […]

The sweetness of virtue

Nothing else can satisfy your soul       Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership   We continue our series with Part V, Chapter 11, “Second Consideration – On the Excellence of Virtue,“ from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis encourages us to consider the importance of our souls. Consider that nothing save holiness […]