Important Visitandine Dates in December

December 8, 1602: Episcopal ordination of St. Francis de Sales in the church of his baptism in Torens

December 13, 1641: Death of St. Jane de Chantal at the Visitation of Moulins.

December 17, 1887: Birth of the Visitandine servant of God Mother Maria-Angelica Alvarez Icaza in Mexico City

December 18, 1593: Priestly ordination of St. Francis de Sales

December 27, 1673: 1st of the 3 great apparitions in which Jesus rested St. Margaret Mary on his chest and then revealed the inexpressible secrets of his Sacred Heart.

On this day the indulgence is granted to the usual conditions to the members of the Guard of Honor

December 28, 1622: Death of St. Francis de Sales in the gardener’s house of the Visitation of Lyon.

Late December 1862: A letter from the Annecy Visitation invites the entire Order to be more zealous in spreading devotion to the Heart of Jesus. Shortly thereafter, at the Visitation of Bourg-en-Bresse the Community invites SR Marie du Sacré Coeur to look for ways to respond to this call from the Lord: the Guard of Honor would soon be born.

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