A Good Mood! Reflections of the Guard of Honor for February

In this month of Lent there is an unusual “sacrifice” that we can offer (or at least strive to offer!): Our good humor whatever may come !!!!

The foundress of the Guard of Honor, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud, was often subject to discouragement and painful health problems related to a chronic illness. But she tried to stay in an upbeat disposition.

 A good mood !

 When we are in a sad state and we meet a person radiant and warm, with sweet and indulgent words, does not our anger  appease suddenly and our heart  expand in contact with so much benevolence? Such a person acts on us like a ray of sunshine that pierces our clouds and illuminates our dark sky! Conversely, the scowling character can easily sadden or even hurt those around him. When one curses with a hard word, one displays a taciturn face, everything darkens around oneself and … our bad mood gets worse!

If everything succeeds for us, we are satisfied, we are open, graceful, fulfilled. The smile is on our lips, good words escape, our gestures are affectionate and eager but if an obstacle occurs, a sharp reflection reaches us, a contrary opinion opposes us, everything changes as if by magic! Our forehead is darkening, our tone becomes short, our contact rough, sometimes making us unbearable for others.

Such is the portrait of a soul who has never worked on  his inner passions, and who, therefore, has not acquired this virtue. Certainly to keep a face always affable, an always gracious approach, it is often necessary to repress the most vivid feelings of our nature, to sacrifice our self-esteem, but be certain that our happiness depends on it. A mother, a wife, a Superior, constantly sweet, of equal temperament, not hurting anyone by harsh words or a sudden or changing character, makes peace shine on her surroundings and stimulates the imitation of this virtue.

Good humor is a contagious virtue: St Philip Neri and others like him, won an incalculable number of sinners to God by their unalterable amiability! If equality of temper is the prerogative of the saints, it is because they have shaped their physiognomy to that of Jesus. We, too, try to offer to our entourage on all occasions, the radiating features of the Sacred Heart of Jesus printed on our faces! Let’s be certain that our happiness thus displayed will be contagious!(Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud)

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