St. Francis Giving the Rules of the Visitation

St. Francis Giving the Rules of the Visitation

The purpose of this website is to promote the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal. This spirituality finds its roots in St. Matthew’s Gospel when Our Lord tells us to learn of him for he is “gentle and humble of heart.” The spirituality is well suited for both the lay person and the religious, and is meant to help you walk the path toward greater sanctity, whether you are a lay person or one who will enter the Order of the Visitation as a religious sister.

Visitation Spirit is a project of the Second Federation of the Visitation in the United States, which consists of the monastic communities in Brooklyn, New York; Georgetown, Washington D.C.; St. Louis, Missouri; Mendota Heights, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Additional communities of the Visitation within its First Federation are located in Mobile, Alabama; Snellville, Georgia; Rockville, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Tyringham, Massachusetts and Toledo, Ohio.

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Sister Susan Marie

Sister Susan Marie is a Visitandine Sister, and has served the Brooklyn, N.Y. community as both formation directress and vocation directress. She has taught novitiate classes on Salesian spirtuality and other spiritual topics related to the Church and the Order. She is now president of the Second Federation of the Order of the Visitation in the United States, and Superior of her community.

Kevin J. Banet

Kevin J. Banet is a writer and blogger with a special interest in the lives of the saints, the Catholic faith, and internet promotion. He has designed many websites for religious communities and businesses, and helps these groups make their entry onto the internet. His websites are VocationPromotion.com, and TreeFrogClick.com.