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New Video Shows the Splendor of Our Visitation Museum in France

A new five-minute video shows the exquisite beauty of some of the thousands of items on display at the Visitation Museum in Moulins France. Accompanying the close-ups of vestments, chalices, statuary and other finery is a text commentary and a Vivaldi concerto.  Click above and enjoy these religious artifacts and the heavenly realities that they […]

A priest who ran away from God’s will, then listened to a persistent voice

A Doubter at Heart, This French Priest Finally Buckled to God’s Voice The founder of a religious order for men, to be beatified Sept. 22, offered a lot of resistance to what became one of the greatest accomplishments in his life. The Very Rev. Louis Brisson had been begged incessantly to found a congregation of priests […]

New Video: The Purpose of a Retreat With the Visitation Sisters

The noise of the world is hollow, but the silence of Jesus is full. This is one of the ideas discussed by Sr. Susan Marie with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. during EWTN Live showing recently. The video is “The Purpose of a Retreat With the Visitation Sisters.” Enjoy!