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Servant of God María Angélica Álvarez Icaza

View the new slide show about the Servant of God, María Angélica Álvarez Icaza. You’ll be inspired, even if your Spanish isn’t that good.

Get Your Free Download of “Straightening the Wayward Path”

Now you can get a free copy of our new ebook, Straightening the Wayward Path, Online Chats About Discernment of Religious Life. Just visit Smashwords for your free download.

Your Review of Our New Ebook Is Needed on Amazon

Friends of the Visitation — we need your help! Our new book on discernment, based on dialogues on our Living Jesus Chat Room, is now available on Amazon.com. We have a plan to promote it, and we need your help. We are launching a Free Download Promotion Oct. 6 – 8, for Straightening the Wayward […]