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Sister Susan Marie

St Francis de Sales- a day in Lent

Today February 20 was a special day for St Francis de Sales, back in 1602! He was not yet a Bishop but he preached the Lenten sermons in Paris on that day at the Louvre, in response to some princesses who had invited him, especially the princess of Longueville. His efforts were blessed with miraculous […]

Chatting about: Union with God on earth and heaven

Why will perfect union be realized only in heaven? What factors will bring about the perfect union? What can we do here on earth to augment our happiness in heaven? Is there a difference between our union with truth here on earth and our union with the Truth in heaven? Feb 14, 11:28 AM Sister […]

Visitandine Thoughts for Lent Week 1

The Visitation Order’s archives hold many profound writings of individual Community Superiors who gave conferences to their Sisters during Lent. This year we will quote from some of these unnamed Superiors as we journey through Lent 2018. ” Nothing is more salutary than to enter into the spirit of the Church in each season which […]