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Sister Susan Marie

Advent Week 3

We continue our Advent series with thoughts by St. Francis de Sales on the Incarnation, from his sermons. This week we focus on Blessed Mother and her unique role in the Incarnation of her Son. Sunday “At the moment the glorious Virgin gave her consent,the Holy Spirit formed the Savior’s body,and at the same time, […]

Christmas Greetings from Visitandines in Mexico

  Live + Jesus   Christmas reveals the immense love of God for humanity. From this derives the enthusiasm, the hope of us Christians who, in our poverty, know that we are loved, visited, accompanied by God   May the joy of the announcement of the Angel to the shepherds, for the birth of the […]

Join our upcoming chat on Treatise on the Love of God by St Francis de Sales

Understanding the role and function of our souls Now that we finished going through An Introduction to the Devout Life, we are going to move into Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God. This time around we will have accompanying videos and reflections to give you a new way to embrace his timeless wisdom. We begin with […]