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Sister Susan Marie

The Visitation Assembly

On the occasion of the General Assembly of the Visitation from 18 to 28 September in Annecy, a meeting with Sister Marie-Thérèse, superior of The Visitation  of Annecy and the assistant general, Father François Corrignan will be held. The diocese is invited to the Eucharistic celebration of Sunday 24 September at the Basilica of the […]

Chatting about: Traditions, Resolutions

Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): Why do you think it is a worthy practice to recommit ourselves to the things we’ve commited ourselves?Considered in a simple way, we put into practice what St. Francis is recommending by the mere fact of having a yearly schedule that we repeat. Each year we re-celebrate Easter and Christmas and […]

Work according to St Francis de Sales

Labor Day is upon us, and while we respond with prayer for the recent victims of Hurricane Harvey, we can also meditate on these words of St. Francis de Sales: “Whatever you do in word and in work, do all in the name of Jesus Christ.  Whether you eat or drink or do anything else, […]