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He that is just let him be justified still   This week we are moving into book three (“Of The Progress And Perfection Of Love.”) from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God. Be sure to watch the video “How Our Love of God Can Continue to Grow” to help deepen your reflection and […]

Maria Nazra, a pious child rescued and raised in a Visitation Monastery

The Story of Maria Nazra, a rescued child,who lived and died in the Monastery of the Visitation of Valence, on December, 1855, about 14 years old. From a Circular Letter: Nazra and Companion Arrive at Monastery At the beginning of November, 1850, the respectable Father Olivieri, so well known for his admirable work of redemption […]

Chatting about: Penitence and Repentance

Repentance that does not reject love of God, although it may lack it, is good, but imperfect. But if it did not progress to a holy love of God in some degree, it would profit us nothing for everlasting life. When does repentance become penitence? What types of repentance have no supernatural value? What is […]