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Sister Susan Marie

Spiritual Directory on Prayer

Begin each prayer, the silent as well as the vocal, by being aware of the presence of God. Keep to this without exception. In all petitions and prayers, the “we” carries weight, as the Lord taught us in the Our Father. In it, on “I” or “for me” is found. Before all else, the prayer […]

Aspirations-Short Prayers in the Day

Spiritual Directory of St. Francis de Sales Aspirations to God proceed from and are born of good thoughts. Aspire then very often to God, by short but ardent movements of the heart. Admire His beauty; invoke His help. Place yourself in spirit at the foot of the Cross. Adore His goodness, speak to Him frequently […]

Preparation for the Day

Spiritual Directory of St. Francis de Sales   A. Think.  Thank God and adore Him for preserving you during the night. Ask Him for forgiveness for any faults or sins you may have committed. B. Consider. The gift of the present day is a preparation for eternity. Make a firm resolution to use the day […]