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Salesian Valentines Day!

St. Francis de Sales was an innovator and sometimes his creativity was not always accepted! One of the first acts recorded after he was first raised to the Bishopric of Geneva occurred in February 1603. It was only the second month of his episcopate, and Bishop Francis de Sales publicly forbade the strongly entrenched custom […]

Do Nuns Pray All Day?

We conclude this first part of the series on Formation Questions and Answers , with St. Jane’s teachings on the prayer life of a Visitation Sister. Often when a candidate is considering a monastic vocation, friends and family will inquire, “but what do you do all day in a Monastery?” Sometimes one will try to […]

What Happens When the Bubble Bursts?

Most candidates enter a religious community with great enthusiasm, hopes, high ideals and strong expectations. Formators know that they need to be alert to the moments when the “bubble” begins to leak, or burst. That’s when the new member’s real inner work begins. St. Jane de Chantal advised her Novice Directresses about the challenges that […]