Mystic Sr. Suzanne Marie de Riants & Souls

In the beginning of this month of November dedicated to the Holy Souls, we shared about Visitation Sister Marie Denise de Martignat who had a great devotion to the souls in purgatory.

As we near the end of this month, we highlight some aspects of another Visitandine’s life and experience of souls in purgatory, Sister Suzanne Marie de Riants  de Villeray.

Sister Suzanne Marie was an extraordinary mystic, experiencing the stigmata and also served as as repeatedly chosen Superior in the Visitation Monastery of Lyons.


Sr. Suzanne was born in the Château de la Brosse, March 20, 1639. She entered the Visitation Antiquaille (Lyon) and made profession December 14, 1656. During her term in office as Superior a discovery on the grounds of the monastery (built on the hill of Fourvière) was made- the dungeons of the first martyrs of Lyon and particularly that of St. Pothin, first bishop of Lyon.

Sister Suzanne’s  first biographer,Father  Micaud mentions her autobiography, numerous letters and a treatise called the “ineffable grandeur of God.” The autobiography recounts  the graces received by the Mother Suzanne from 1656 until 1670. It is entitled: Inside a dedicated soul to Jesus Christ, led and directed by the uncreated Wisdom in the ways of holiness.

Mother Suzanne Marie had over sixty appearances of the souls in purgatory; they showed themselves to her towards the end of their time of atonement, revealed the cause of their suffering, did not ask for help, but exalted the mercy of God.

Here is one of the occurrences:

A recently deceased Visitation Nun of the Macon, France, Visitation Monastery who had died just one year prior came to Mother Suzanne Marie and said, ” Oh the happiness of the souls that belong to Jesus Christ! You cannot obtain a greater favor, my Mother, than this Institute gives us. It unites us in a very intimate manner with the Savior.”

Sr Marie Patricia BURNS VSM

and Vingt-Cinq Apparitions des ames du Purgatoire a la Mere Suzanne-Marie de Riants de Villeray

Dec. Reflections of the Guard of Honor

Sr Marie BernaudMay the  weeks between now and the Nativity be a peaceful journey of faith and humility to prepare us  to welcome the God made man! A Blessed  Advent to all.

Here is Sr Mary of the Sacred Heart’s meditation:

Without being a member of the Law Society or a court, each Guard of Honor can practice a lawyer’s function! When our neighbor is absent, he may be  mocked, criticized, accused, and we do not defend her honor nor plead his cause. Instinctively we adhere to all that is uncharitable. It is so easy to judge”Let the one among you who is without sin cast the first stone” Jesus said to the accusers of the woman sinner.

“So if we defend our neighbor even though he is not present, publicly apologize for his mistakes and mitigate its shortcomings, it will be the same for us on the day of our death because” Whatever you do to the least least of mine, is done unto you.” If a brave Guard of Honor  becomes the lawyer of the absent, he/she  becomes the advocate of Jesus himself!

It will be objected that it is difficult to defend what is really wrong but St. Francis de Sales said: “If someone has a hundred bad habits, she always has at least one good one and that we must notice. ”  Do not make any rash judgment towards  anyone, keep your heart in  kindness and indulgence toward everyone. Jesus certainly will recognize us for the beloved disciples of His Heart!

Tense Neighborhood? Visitation Sisters and Neighbors show the way to peace!

Our Visitation Monastery in North Minneapolis recently celebrated 25 years of presence among their  Northside neighbors.

This video shows the deep mutuality between nuns and neighbors!