Remembering Mother Theresa’s Visits to Visitation Monasteries

As we prepare for the canonization of Blessed Mother Theresa on September 4, 2016, the Visitation community in Bay Ridge is recalling Mother’s visit to our Monastery in 1986.

While only three Sisters currently in the Monastery were here at that time, as the rest of us entered since then, that day is recalled every evening at recreation when one of us sits in the CHAIR that Mother Theresa sat in!IMG_0242The metal plaque on this chair recalls the exact date of Mother Theresa’s visit:








At the time, Mother Marie Anatrella was Superior of our Brooklyn Visitation community.  One of the Missionaries of Charity was making a retreat in our Monastery, and Mother Theresa came to speak with her, as her Superior. Mother Marie took the opportunity to have the Saint speak to all the Visitandine Sisters in our Library Room.

As Mother Theresa was leaving, our students from the Visitation Academy were ending their school day and encountered the Saint on her way out. She lovingly and graciously gave the children medals.

Blessed Theresa of Calcutta also spent various nights in the 1970’s and 1980’s  at the Visitation Monastery in Mendota Heights, MN in the Mary, Mother of God room in the retreat wing. This gave Mother the opportunity to pray in their Chapel in the mornings as well.

Year of “Leonie Martin” Declared



Fr SangalliReverend Antonio Sangalli, OCD, Postulator of the Cause of Beatification of the Visitandine Servant of God Sister Francoise Therese Martin (Leonie Martin, sibling of St. Therese of Lisieux) has declared a “YEAR OF LEONIE”. This year will honor the 75th anniversary of her passing into eternity and help to increase awareness of Leonie, her life and the Salesian Spirituality that animated her.

The struggle Leonie waged against her weaknesses, her absolute trust in God’s Mercy and her humility, has volumes to say to our contemporary world.

Plans are being made for a bi monthly newsletter and  a small museum in the crypt at Caen, her Visitation Monastery, as well as distribution of relics, if possible, at an appropriate time.

All Visitation Monasteries throughout the world are encouraged to find creative ways to celebrate this YEAR of LEONIE. We will share this information as we learn of it.

Any favors received through Leonie’s intercession should be documented and information sent to:

Please keep this Year of Leonie in your prayers. Thank you!


Sun Chat: God’s Word

Keeping the Word of God In Your Heart


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On Sunday we will chat about the importance of Sacred Scripture.
We continue our series with Part II, Chapter 17: “How to Hear and Read God’s Word” from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis reminds us of the importance of the Bible in our daily lives.

Cultivate a special devotion to God’s Word, whether studied privately or in public; always listen to it with attention and reverence, strive to profit by it, and do not let it fall to the ground, but receive it within your heart as a precious balm, thereby imitating the Blessed Virgin, who “kept all these sayings in her heart.” Remember that our Lord receives our words of prayer according to the way in which we receive His words in teaching.
You should always have some good devout book at hand, such as the writings of Saint Bonaventura, Gerson, Denis the Carthusian, Blosius, Grenada, Stella, Arias, Pinella, Da Ponte, Avila, the Spiritual Combat, the Confessions of Saint Augustine, Saint Jerome’s Epistles, or the like; and daily read some small portion attentively, as though you were reading letters sent by the Saints from Paradise to teach you the way thither, and encourage you to follow them. Read the Lives of the Saints too, which are as a mirror to you of Christian life, and try to imitate their actions according to your circumstances; for although many things which the Saints did may not be practicable for those who live in the world, they may be followed more or less. Thus, in our spiritual retreats we imitate the solitude of the first hermit, Saint Paul; in the practice of poverty we imitate Saint Francis, and so on. Of course some Lives throw much more light upon our daily course than others, such as the Life of Saint Theresa, which is most admirable, the first Jesuits, Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, Saint Louis, Saint Bernard, Saint Francis, and such like. Others are more the subjects of our admiring wonder than of imitation, such as Saint Mary of Egypt, Saint Simeon Stylites, Saint Catherine of Genoa, and Saint Catherine of Sienna, Saint Angela, etc., although these should tend to kindle a great love of God in our hearts.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Why do you think words are such an important aspect of God’s revelation to mankind?
  2. Consider and discuss this verse: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).
  3. How do you incorporate God’s Word into your daily life?
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