International Visitation Christmas Greetings!

Viva + Jesús

En las fiestas de Navidad, cuando sentimos y palpamos Todo el

Amor de Dios hecho

Niño en el portal de Belén

La Superiora y Comunidad del Monasterio de la Visitación

De Santa María de Málaga, desean a sus Familiares, Amigos

Y bienhechores, una


Y les ofrecen con todo cariño la Santa Misa del 24

A media noche por todas sus intenciones

Feliz Navidad               Año lleno de bendiciones

2014                                     2015

Dios sea bendito











Viva + Jesús



Monasterio de la Visitación de Santa María

Guadalajara, México. Diciembre del 2014


“He aquí el amabilísimo Jesús… Él nace para visitarnos de parte del eterno Padre. Imitemos su humildad, su pobreza, su obediencia y mansedumbre”. (Sn. Francisco de Sales)


En este Año de la Vida Consagrada, les deseamos una muy

¡F e l i z   N a v i d a d!

Con el gozo de sabernos elegidas para ser las esposas del Verbo Encarnado.

Los tenemos muy presentes en nuestra oración. Reciban un abrazo fraterno, y que el Año Nuevo el Señor los colme de gracias y bendiciones abundantes.


Con afecto fraterno:


Hnas. De la Visitación de Santa María



¡Dios sea Bendito!



Liebe Schwestern, von Herzen wünschen wir Ihnen noch eine gnadenreiche Adventszeit

und ein frohes, gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest. Möge der Segen der Heiligen Nacht Sie in das Neue Jahr 2015 geleiten.


In salesianischer Verbundenheit

Ihre Schwestern von der Heimsuchung Mariä



Advent Week 4

From our archives:

Let us propose to ourselves some practices relative to this holy season and which will be proof of our love for this Child, whose Nativity we are about to celebrate.

Let all our spiritual exercises be homage and adoration that we render to Jesus Christ and through Him to His father.Redouble our zeal that this Mystery of his birth may be renewed in us and work the effects of grace and salvation that God expects. All the mysteries of our religion require that we should prepare for them; and we receive the graces in proportion to our preparation.

The great secret of preparing for them is to enter into the spirit of the mystery, to study the disposition of Jesus Christ and to conform to it.

Our hearts have the most need of preparation; all depends on this. May our hearts become so obedient as to have no other will than that of our Savior, so poor, as to desire nothing and be attached to nothing, so patient as not to be cast down by any misfortune or embittered by any affliction, so humble, that they not be elevated by any advantage either temporal or spiritual.

Discussing the Report on Apostolic Visitation of Religious

Blessed-Mother-and-St-Elizabeth-Visitation-Statue-224x300The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life has issued its Final Report on the Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious in the United States of America.

Come discuss it at our Chat Room Sunday December 21st at 730PM est.

It’s conclusion emphasized the process as reflecting the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth in the Visitation. Since we are Visitation Sisters, it might be good for all to have our reflections on this perspective.

The document concluded: “The Apostolic Visitation of the Institutes of Women Religious in the United States modelled its approach on the Gospel encounter between Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. These two women, one a virgin and the other married but barren, overcame fear and uncertainty to joyfully embrace their role in God’s plan of salvation. So too the Apostolic Visitation offered new opportunities for women religious to discover God’s presence and salvific action in fruitful communication with other religious, with the Church’s pastors and lay faithful.

Indeed, the entire Church sings the Magnificat to celebrate the great things that God does for women religious and for his people through them. We look to Mary, who constantly contemplates the mystery of God in our world, in human history and in our daily lives, the one who set out from her town “with haste” (Lk 1:39) to bring Jesus and the Gospel gift to others.”

Read the entire document here: