Sacred Heart Memories

June 20, 1671: entrance of St Marguerite-Marie to the Visitation of Paray-le-Monial

June 21, 1686: The image of the Sacred Heart is venerated for the first time by the Community of the Visitation of Paray-le-Monial.

Chatting about: Widowhood according to St Francis de Sales

Jun 14, 1:03 PM

VisitationSiste: Questions to Ponder: What do you make of the distinction between a “widow indeed” and a woman who is “widowed in externals”? Is Saint Francis diminishing the decision of widowed women who choose to move on to a new marriage? Why is it important to keep in mind the final point to which Saint Francis brings this reflection? In considering this, call to mind Jesus’ words:At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven” (Matthew 22:30). Consider this

Jun 14, 1:04 PM

VisitationSiste: Consider this reflection in light of the activity of the early Church, when we learn in Acts 6 how changes were made to address the fact that “widows were being neglected in the daily distribution” (Acts 6:1). Why do you think this was such an important point that widows were specifically identified?

Jun 14, 1:06 PM

VisitationSiste: Would women who never marry benefit from taking such a vow? They often find themselves in a similar situation. Should they be encouraged to make such a vow after a certain age?

Jun 14, 1:06 PM

VisitationSiste: Sun June 18 730pm est

Jun 17, 11:16 AM

SrSusan (Guest): I will be at our Annual Sacred Heart Novena Sun nite at 730P so i won’t be at chat. I forgot about that last week!


Jun 18, 7:36 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Well, I don’t know about anyone else,but this lesson really got my hackles up. A widow is a widow whether she makes a vow to remain a widow or if she is open to the possibility of marrying again. While he is not openly demeaning widows who do not make the vow, I feel that he is at worst demeaning them and at the very least is consdescending toward them. It was not said, but I felt such an underlying tone to the section.

Jun 18, 7:36 PM

Alice Lewis-Eckardt: Hi Brian

Jun 18, 7:36 PM

Dawn (Guest): Hi Brian...Happy Fathers Day

Jun 18, 7:36 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Hi Ruth and Brian.

Jun 18, 7:37 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Hi Judy ! Brian

Jun 18, 7:38 PM

Carol Ann: Judy, it did seem to me that he was discouraging remarriage, as though a widow should not consider that first

Jun 18, 7:38 PM

Ruth (Guest): Hi Lisa, Carol Ann, Alice, Dawn, and “Guests” (Judy and Brian, I guess)

Jun 18, 7:38 PM

Dawn (Guest): At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven” (Matthew 22:30). I am thinking how this scripture applies here, entirely? any thoughts?

Jun 18, 7:38 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Thanks Dawn !

Jun 18, 7:39 PM

Alice Lewis-Eckardt: I was curious about that as well. I wasn’t offended- just wondering what path to take

Jun 18, 7:40 PM

Ruth (Guest): Hot day cooling quickly with thunder, lightning, heavy rain and wind. I’d better go check windows left open.

Jun 18, 7:40 PM

Dawn (Guest): be safe Ruth hurry back

Jun 18, 7:40 PM

Alice Lewis-Eckardt: And if you don’t remarry, could you join a convent as well?

Jun 18, 7:40 PM

Lisa C: Maybe it all has to do with the fact that our relationship with God is all sufficient, and that marriage, if it is our vocation is something we have on earth that ends when we are in heaven.

Jun 18, 7:40 PM

Lisa C: Like any other vocation other than prayer

Jun 18, 7:41 PM

Lisa C: We can still pray from heaven

Jun 18, 7:41 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I believe that it means that in Heaven, all will be equal in being like the angels. They will not marry or be given in marriage. In the Heavenly Kingdom, there will be no “need” for marriage because being with the Lord will be our total joy and fullfilllment.

Jun 18, 7:42 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Amen Judy !

Jun 18, 7:42 PM

Dawn (Guest): good comment Judy, seems right!

Jun 18, 7:43 PM

Carol Ann: That is my understanding too. That the narriage Vocation MIRTORS Our True Union With God

Jun 18, 7:43 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Spot on Carol Ann!

Jun 18, 7:43 PM

Carol Ann: Sorry about the auto correct

Jun 18, 7:44 PM

Guest110 (Guest): SooSoo true Carol Ann !

Jun 18, 7:45 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Did anyone else feel irritated by this lesson as I did?

Jun 18, 7:46 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) As I am thinking back on what St. FdeS said about marriage, I am even more surprised by his remarks in this section.

Jun 18, 7:46 PM

Lisa C: Not irritated, releived

Jun 18, 7:46 PM

Alice Lewis-Eckardt: I didn’t Judy. But maybe you could tell us more about why you felt that way?

Jun 18, 7:48 PM

Dawn (Guest): I could not judge it really, but thought it reflected an eariler time. then,...wasn’t sure about this either! I see many young women taking vows in church , with ceremony, consecrated virgin. but if one were to desire to take a vow of chasity, is this done in a ceremony?

Jun 18, 7:48 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I just really felt that he thought less of widows who considered remarrying than of those who would take a vow of widowhood. As I said above, I felt that he was at worst demeaning of them, and at the very least consescending toward them.

Jun 18, 7:49 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Yes, a vow of chastity could be done in a ceremony planned by the woman and her spiritual director.

Jun 18, 7:49 PM

Carol Ann: Are there consecreted virgins in your parish Dawn? Not many have them again yet

Jun 18, 7:50 PM

Dawn (Guest): Judy, it is a long chapter. perhaps he is partial?

Jun 18, 7:50 PM

Dawn (Guest): none I know of Carol Ann. I have watched videos of ceremonys only. does yours?

Jun 18, 7:51 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I know that there are some consecrated virgins in the Archdiocese of NY but I do not know any personally.

Jun 18, 7:52 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) yes, Dawn, he does show partiality.

Jun 18, 7:52 PM

Carol Ann: No, but the Cardinal was talking about bringing it back to the archdioceses. There are a couple of orders in the traditional style around the States

Jun 18, 7:52 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Always a temptation for us to place a greater or lesser value to a life devoted to service of God ! All devoted life in service to God is equal in God’s eyes !

Jun 18, 7:52 PM

Carol Ann: I met some a couple of years ago at a retreat they held in Pennsylvania

Jun 18, 7:53 PM

Carol Ann: BRB

Jun 18, 7:54 PM

Dawn (Guest): however, he does close the chapter by saying the true widow should never blame or censure those who enter into 2nd 3rd or even 4th marriages, for sometimes God thus orders events foor the advancement of His glory..

Jun 18, 7:55 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I guess I kind of believe that the best life is that one to which the individual feels herself called by God. Single, married, consecrated, I don’t think that it makes a difference to God. All are in service to Him.

Jun 18, 7:55 PM

Guest110 (Guest): We have a great great Family with soo many serving God in soo many ways and everyone is equally important !!!

Jun 18, 7:55 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I agree with that closing to the chapter.

Jun 18, 7:56 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I wish Mother was here tonight. It would be helpful to get her insight.

Jun 18, 7:56 PM

Dawn (Guest): con’t: And one must always keep in mind that which the Fathers taught, that neither widowhood nor virginity have any merit in Heaven, except that which is assigned to them by humility.

Jun 18, 7:57 PM

Dawn (Guest): Amen Brian

Jun 18, 7:58 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) What really matters is that in whatever state, your love for the Lord is ever growing deeper and more passionate.

Jun 18, 7:58 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Happy Father’s Day to God Our Father who has given us a great opportunity to serve Him in this Life !!!

Jun 18, 7:59 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Yes, Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of life and the ability to serve you in the world.

Jun 18, 8:00 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) And Happy Fathers’ Day to you Brian!

Jun 18, 8:01 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Soo many living around us in darkness ! Let us Shine God’s Love for them in all our actions everyday !

Jun 18, 8:02 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Shine Jesus, shine, fill the world with the Father’s glory. Blaze Spirit blaze; set our hearts on fire.

Jun 18, 8:03 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Thanks Judy ! You have to share one of your poems with us someday ! You are a gifted writer !

Jun 18, 8:03 PM

Ruth (Guest): hi! I’m back – will read what I can see of chat.

Jun 18, 8:03 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I will have to search for a short poem. Many of my works are lengthy.

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Dawn (Guest): a poem brought forth in prayer

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Ruth (Guest): Whooo! Where

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Guest110 (Guest): That would be great Judy !

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) And thank you for the compliment, Brian!

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Ruth (Guest): Where everybody

Jun 18, 8:04 PM

Ruth (Guest): go?

Jun 18, 8:05 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Your Welcome Judy !

Jun 18, 8:05 PM

Dawn (Guest): Im here and yes looks like some left?

Jun 18, 8:06 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Our gifts are all different. I am good with words, You, Brian are good with actions. Others have gifts of prayer, etc.

Jun 18, 8:06 PM

Dawn (Guest): Lisa Carol Ann

Jun 18, 8:10 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Considering Question 3- Marriage was held in great esteem by the Jewish people, many of whom were the first Christians. There were, apparently, some Hellenists among the early Church members and it is they who were complaining about the fact that their widows were not being adequately served. This indicated inequality in the way people were treated. It was obviously that all widows should receive the same service regardless of their nationality or lineage.

Jun 18, 8:10 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Amen Judy ! Please pray for Harry the man with triplets his one son is having difficulty potty training . His mother-in –law is moving in to help . He and other boys our scheduled to begin preschool at St Amelia in fall ! He is Hindu but has devotion for Saint Mother Theresa !

Jun 18, 8:11 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Let’s pray to St. Therese of Calcutta for him.

Jun 18, 8:12 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Amen Judy ! He could be next St Paul !!!

Jun 18, 8:12 PM

Dawn (Guest): In Jesus name, Amen

Jun 18, 8:15 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Wow ! We have soo much in USA and we should be able to take care of everybody but soo many obstacles get thrown at us to prevent this from happening ! That’s why Jesus encourages us to be One

Jun 18, 8:16 PM

Ruth (Guest): St. Theresa of Calcutta will likely – with our prayers and by the power of the Holy Spirit – bring him around . . . And there’s nothing like children to help us grow in the qualities God wants in his children – even the grown up ones.

Jun 18, 8:16 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Together with God ! We can take care of everyone !

Jun 18, 8:16 PM

Carol Ann: Happy Father’s Day

Jun 18, 8:16 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Finally, question 4. I do not think that never married women should be encouraged to make a vow unless they themselves bring up the possibility. It should certainly come from a conviction that God is leading her in that direction. The same is true for widows. In no way should either group of women have to face coercion to make such a vow. It should be an entirely free choice.

Jun 18, 8:17 PM

Dawn (Guest): amen Ruth. Little ones are very good teachers!

Jun 18, 8:18 PM

Guest110 (Guest): Soo true Judy !

Jun 18, 8:20 PM

Ruth (Guest): I think they are naturally humble – and kids have built-in bunk detectors. They – even like animals – simply know when they are loved . . .

Jun 18, 8:20 PM

Carol Ann: Such a vow is a serious matter, one that woukd v prevent marriage, which would still npbe an option for never-married and widows

Jun 18, 8:20 PM

Dawn (Guest): if a woman has a conviction to remain chaste, what is the benefit of making a vow of chasity in a ceremony? I would think it is the power of the Holy Spirit ..who would strengthen this conviction

Jun 18, 8:22 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) I would appreciate if if everyone would hold in prayer during this week four wonderful young Salesians who will be ordained to the Holy Priesthood on June 24th. I have been following these men since they started their journey and my heart is overflowing with joy at their coming ordination. The four are Paul Chu, Jean Wilgintz Polynice, Dieunel Victor and Minh Dang. I know that they will appreciate your prayers.

Jun 18, 8:22 PM

Ruth (Guest): And among my first teachers of German was a 5 year old in the house where I rented a room. I ‘d read her stories and she would correct my pronunciation – so patiently. And if she were trying to tell me something and I did not understand, she ‘d go and get my German-English dictionary and hand it to me.

Jun 18, 8:22 PM

Dawn (Guest): haha I agree Ruth. they have supernatural detectors of those around them, esp strangers!

Jun 18, 8:23 PM

Carol Ann: We will! Please pray for us too as the brothers and sisters of my region are gathering for retreat next weekend

Jun 18, 8:23 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Sure will!

Jun 18, 8:24 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Will you be making that retreat, Carol Ann?

Jun 18, 8:24 PM

Dawn (Guest): Will keep them in my prayers....four new priests! Praise be to Jesus!

Jun 18, 8:25 PM

Carol Ann: Yes

Jun 18, 8:25 PM

Guest110 (Guest): We do an open microphone opportunity on Kairos weekend and Men are invited to speak with no coercion or pressure ! One man who was committed to getting to know God and has two young children age 2 and 4 wil be leaving prison in few months. He immediately got up and spoke and set in motion an incredible time of sharing by the participants ! When we follow God’s call we set in motion others to follow God’s calling !

Jun 18, 8:25 PM

Ruth (Guest): Good question Dawn. I thought that there was some confusion being expressed about the difference between chastity and celibacy. EVERYONE is obliged to chastity but not everyone to celibacy. And chastity for an unmarried person is different from chastity for a married person.

Jun 18, 8:25 PM

Dawn (Guest): your brothers and sisters also Carol Ann

Jun 18, 8:25 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Have a truly blessed retreat, a most prayerful and profitable one.

Jun 18, 8:26 PM

Carol Ann: It is going to be great fun to see everyone

Jun 18, 8:27 PM

Dawn (Guest): meaning....chastity more temporary and celibacy more permanent? I will look this up !

Jun 18, 8:27 PM

Dawn (Guest): Carol Ann, my prayers for your retreat

Jun 18, 8:28 PM

Dawn (Guest): thanks for sharing this story Brian!

Jun 18, 8:28 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) chastity and celibacy are both permanent. Chastity in married people means that they are faithful to each other forever. For singles, means that they are celibate forever if they never marry.

Jun 18, 8:29 PM

Carol Ann: Thank you everyone ! We all are travelling to get to the retreat center, so extra prayers help

Jun 18, 8:29 PM

Guest110 (Guest): We will be praying for them Judy and Carol Ann will pray for the retreat ! Thank you all for prayers for Kairos Men and Women . Two awesome retreats !!!

Jun 18, 8:29 PM

Carol Ann: What would we do without our brothers and sisters?

Jun 18, 8:31 PM

Guest1223 (Guest): (Judy) Let us thank our Precious Lord for the tremendous gift He has given to us in the Eucharist, on this Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord. What a glorious truth to celebrate! How sweet the union with our beloved Master and Teacher, Savior and Lord. Have a blessed week everyone!

Jun 18, 8:31 PM

Ruth (Guest): Prayers for all of you and for your special concerns. I will be on retreat the weekend of June 24-25. June 30th I have to see my orthopedic surgeon in Saratoga – about the OTHER (rt) knee that is giving me so much trouble now. And after that drive to Haverhill, MA where my brother is now in hospice care. He is the last of my close relatives.

Jun 18, 8:31 PM

Dawn (Guest): keeping you all in my prayers, and your intentions. also for Mother Susan and the sisters. thank you for a wonderful chat! God Bless you all, g’night

Jun 18, 8:31 PM

Guest110 (Guest): I Thank God for you all ! I keep you all in my prayers day and night ! Keep Shining ! God Bless You ! Brian

Jun 18, 8:32 PM

Carol Ann: Oh my goodness Ruth!

Jun 18, 8:32 PM

Carol Ann: God bless us every one

Jun 18, 8:34 PM

Dawn (Guest): Ruth, so you will miss some chat? keeping you in my prayers! +++

Jun 18, 8:35 PM

Ruth (Guest): BTW re: a vow not to remarry – see Bishop Barron’s commentary on the Sunday readings for a “for instance” a widow who became a Carmelite. I’ll look for a link.

Jun 18, 8:36 PM

Carol Ann: There are many widows in cloister

Jun 18, 8:39 PM

Dawn (Guest): Carol Ann, does your order wear habits?

Jun 18, 8:40 PM

Carol Ann: Only when we gather as an order, the monastic do wear them, but we tend not to as we are working secular jobs

Jun 18, 8:40 PM

Dawn (Guest): ok, thank you

Jun 18, 8:40 PM

Ruth (Guest): Here’s the link:

Jun 18, 8:41 PM

Carol Ann: Thank you Ruth

Jun 18, 8:41 PM

Ruth (Guest): You can get Bishop Barron’s brief reflections on the Gospels e-mailed to you daily.

Jun 18, 8:42 PM

Dawn (Guest): it would no open for some reason, I will look at his talks. thanks

Jun 18, 8:43 PM

Carol Ann: The link took me to my email, but I think Bishop’s website has it titoo

Jun 18, 8:44 PM

Ruth (Guest): correction: that link was for Saturday’s readings.

Jun 18, 8:45 PM

Dawn (Guest): Ruth, did the storm come thru? beautiful storms! stay safe. G’night to both of you. I will look for it, married widow to Carmelite. peace

Jun 18, 8:46 PM

Carol Ann: Good night and God bless !

Jun 18, 8:48 PM

Ruth (Guest): Oh, I see. When I clicked on it, it took me first to my e-mail and then to that particular one. Maybe this will help you get on his e-mail list. It’s free. via

Jun 18, 8:49 PM

Carol Ann: I will look it up. Now there are two dogs looking at me like “are you planning to walk us anytime today ?!

Jun 18, 8:52 PM

Ruth (Guest): Sweet. I lost my precious pussy pet , Atta, aka “Angel feathers” about a month ago – to an eagle, I believe, or some other raptor. The one cat I have left now evidently misses her, too, although he used to be downright rejecting of her. She had a way to make anyone warm up to her. Poor Atta! I miss her more than I could have thought I would. I raised her by hand on bottled cat formula from age 3 weeks.

Jun 18, 8:54 PM

Ruth (Guest): I’ve been wonder – just a little – if losing her was “meant” to free me of one small obstacle to some other life change.

Jun 18, 8:55 PM

Ruth (Guest): Peace my friend. Nice that you can have dogs, and that they plead with you silently, with their eyes rather than with barking.

Jun 18, 8:56 PM

Ruth (Guest): Good night.

Reflections on the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Mexican Mystic Mother Angelica Alvarez Icaza,  Foundress of a Visitation Monastery, will lead us with her meditations, based on the  Litany to the Sacred Heart, through June, the Month of the Sacred Heart.


Day 23Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus, Saturated with Opprobriums

Who will tell us my Jesus of what extent You were saturated with opprobriums in your holy passion? Abase me  in this unfathomable furor and I beg you to grant me the love of the the humiliations as You loved them. Give me a heart similar to yours
O Heart of Jesus!
Self-love hurts you
That’s why it must be submerged
My heart  loves you

Day 22

Heart of Jesus, Propitiation for our Sins

My beloved Jesus is an immolated Lamb, I contemplate Him taking the enormous weight of our sins and placating in this way the Divine Justice.

O Heart of Jesus!

Who loves with a profound love

Your Spirit forms in me

a heart like Yours.

Day 21

Heart of Jesus, Fountain of Life and Holiness

As the soul immerses itself in this source of life and holiness,  sin  disappears.It is no longer only that instinctive horror with which the soul departs from sin;Not only is it repugnance for all evil and ultimate facility for good,it  is more ..I dare to say It is a certain impossibility to sin.Here is  a comparison: how is the balsam water  divided and separated?Well, and much more. It seems as if from the free will of the soul a precious balm has been formed.The water of sin can not penetrate there before it is rejected  naturally.

O Heart of Jesus!

to give You contentment

I will spend my whole day

very near Your chest.


Day 20

Heart of Jesus, Rich to All Who Call On You

Talking to the divine lover, with the familiarity that I have told you
Jesus, I will not cease to beg you in life or after my death. Why do you give me such desires to see the sovereign of love of the nations?

O Heart of Jesus!

I will spend all day

wishing for Communion

Thirsty for the Eucharist.

Day 19

Heart of Jesus, Patient and of great mercy

We experience it every day. JESUS is offended gravely  and is able to punish instantly does He not do it, but only manifests patience and great mercy. What an example you give me! I want to imitate You,  never showing displeasure to my neighbor.

O Heart of Jesus!

Today I want to work cheerfully,

doing with perfection

even the smallest thing.

Day 18

Heart of Jesus, Desire of the Eternal Hills

Elsewhere they call Jesus the desire of the  nations
I can call Him the desire of my heart
Today I am experiencing such loving yearnings for Him  which I suffer in the form of martyrdom

O Heart of Jesus!

Today I want to give You the consolation

of accompanying You in Your life

of abnegation and zeal.


Day 17

Heart of Jesus Of whose fullness we have all received

Grace, that divine being that makes us children of God and heirs of his glory is in the Heart of Jesus as in his source.
So when I receive you in  Communion I tell you; O Jesus I know that whenever I receive You it increases the grace in my soul but as this can be with more or less intensity I beg you when you join me in this holy sacrament grant me such provisions that I receive the full amount of grace that You want to give me This same I ask you for the other souls because of the fullness of grace of your Heart we have all received.
O Heart of Jesus!
I want to be your happiness
I will never give importance
to self-love which has no  value

Day 16

Heart of Jesus, In whom the Father has been pleased

Only the Son of God  can be the object of the pleasures of the Father; only He and those that resemble Him; For this reason do not stop praying and working on that divine ideal of becoming a living portrait of Christ.

O Heart of Jesus!

I want to be your happiness

and to live always united to You

as Mary is.

Day 15

Heart of Jesus, In whom dwells the fullness of the divinity

I was contemplating this when my eyes were fixed on the tabernacle and at the same moment, it was as if Jesus had thrown an arrow of love to me, I felt my heart pierced through , leaving me sweetly wounded by the Divine lover Chief of my loves .
An immediate effect was followed by a lively desire to sacrifice myself for GOD seeing with clear light that I have but the present moment to prove my love and thus I want to take advantage of it.

O Heart of Jesus!

You are the highest goodness

I want to imitate you

having great charity

Day 14

Heart of Jesus, In Whom Are All the Treasures of Wisdom and Science

While I received the blessing of the Holy Sacrament, I asked Him for a description of these treasures, particularly those that govern the nations and thus help them turn to God.

O Heart of Jesus!

I always want to be faithful

and repel lovingly

those who give You gall.

Day 13

Heart of Jesus, King and Center of All Hearts

King of love … who has been more beloved than You? Centuries pass but not your lovers and today we are thousands of souls burning in your love, who do not breathe but for your love and who will finally be consumed by your love.

O Heart of Jesus!

in my constant prayer,

I want to give you a thousand consolations,

giving myself to your love.


Day 12

Heart of Jesus, Worthy of All Praise

Yes,  and for this I want to see Him live in all nations. I do not know if it will be a dream, but when in the morning I receive Holy Communion as He is in my mouth I say:
I will not let you pass until you grant me this. Your kingdom comes to us. Just as a poor man would do to a king who visits him and going to the threshold of his door told him prostrate; Oh Sir I am not worthy that your majesty enters my poor house but since you have the kindness to visit me grant me this…  would not this be granted by the king ?  immediately  the Sacred form passes because I know that it should not be detained  in the mouth.

O Heart of Jesus!

In your presence I will be,

and recollected and humble

your sweet voice I will listen to.

Day 11

Heart of Jesus, Abyss of all the Virtues

Studying one by one the virtues of the Heart of my beloved Jesus I feel like one who wants to probe an abyss; Nevertheless these virtues that are in Him, I contemplate and fall in love with such blessings that I have no other desire than to copy them in my poor heart and to be as soon as I can a living portrait of Christ

Oh Heart of Jesus!

To relieve you in your sorrows
I will forget mine and think of others

Day 10

Heart of Jesus, Full of Kindness and Love
So inseparable are goodness and love from the Heart of my beloved that it is not possible to picture Jesus but full of kindness, gentleness, and love. Oh if they knew the delicacies of love He uses with his Spouses! I say what happens to me, with other souls He will do the same. He treats me with a kindness, with a love, gives me  ineffable and divine caresss that are but as the overflowing of His goodness and his love.

Oh Heart of Jesus!

 I am your honor guard

I will always be very present

to give you glory, love, reparation

Day 9

Heart of Jesus Receptacle of justice and love

The espoused soul: ” to You I come oh Heart of Jesus,  hungry and thirsty for justice and love. I will joyfully draw from the sources of your divine breast and I will be satiated”

Oh Heart of Jesus!
Grant me a great favor
to be pure in my intentions, in my soul and heart


Day 8

Heart of Jesus, Fiery Furnace of Charity

Lessons of the Heart Of Jesus: “My daughter, look at this Heart that burns in love for people that they learn of me that I love them; I have given you an example so that as I love them I love you

O Heart of Jesus!

opened with a lance

I want that you feed me

of that blood and water.


Day 7

Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven

God, mansion of God, a human-divine Heart, where the divinity dwells, where we also live  for the love that He has for us. And door of heaven! oh Jesus! the soul that contemplates your Sacred Heart lives as at the door of heaven, in the vestibule of glory. Jesus, my sweet Jesus, I beg you to reveal the charms of your divine Heart to all souls and once they know you they will forget the things of the earth, oh Heart of Jesus!the door of the sky, door that leads us to the Father as you yourself have said.

O Heart of Jesus!

Of singular attractiveness
I want to enter your breast and

you will  teach me to love


Day 6

Heart of Jesus, Tabernacle of the Highest

What supreme adoration, what divine silence,
what infinite love in this heart that is the tabernacle of the highest . The soul is present to You  and silently adores  You.

O Heart of Jesus

Of the Visitation a Treasure

I want always to console You

To be a sweet joy for You.

Day 5

Heart of Jesus, Holy Temple of God
In this holy temple I pray always to your Father oh Jesus,  because you have taught me that only the supplications that pass from your divine Heart to the Father,  only these are accepted.



Oh Heart of Jesus

Whom I love so much, so much,

I promise you  to flee promptly 

from what is less holy


Day 4

Heart of Jesus of Infinite Majesty
Penetrating the soul of this sovereign majesty, I adore, I love,  even die;  outside I am forced to keep before the Holy Sacrament a deep respect,  and minor offenses seem to me crimes because the Heart of Jesus has long made me feel His Sovereign majesty and delicious love .
Oh Heart of Jesus!
I want to be yours, to be holy,

and for that I totally surrender

because that I know you love me.

Day 3

Heart of Jesus substantially united to the divine WORD

I am looking at the Heart of Jesus: such a human heart, a divine heart, with the bitterness of Calvary and the love of the Eucharist

If to achieve perfection
Is the greatest of your cravings
Dedicate yourself with determination to be faithful in your responsibilities.

Day 2

Formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin

In a ray of divine light contemplate the infinite and substantial love of God -He is the divine and human love of the Heart of Jesus- the love of a pure creature in the Heart of Mary . A spark of the divine burnings ignited my poor heart!

Day One

Heart of Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father

How can I explain how the Word makes me penetrate into that divine affiliation! It makes me experience in a certain way the divine ardor that His human Heart has towards his Father, communicates to me these ardors or rather, we two together love; our hearts are made one heart to love and glorify the Father. I can not say more…..

Oh Heart of Jesus!

I surrender to you

I will not talk lightly

Nor much less of myself!.