Advent with St. Jane-Day 10

“We adore the Son of God in the bosom of His Eternal Father, triumphant and glorious; and we adore the same Son, humbled, annihilated, and hidden under our nature which he has united to His own, to live in a stable, to be born in poverty, in contempt, in suffering. He leaves, in a manner, His eternal joys to become a weeping and shivering infant.

Let us during these days which remain before the great day of Christmas, employ ourselves in considering faithfully the abjection of this great God, to imitate it according to our feeble capacity. Keep near Him, and make ready pure and clean hearts for Him to dwell in at His coming into the world; for if you open to Him, He will come in and abide with you. And this I pray Him to do.”

St. Jane de Chantal, Exhortation 111

Nativity Tree Lighting Tonight,BKLYN Visitation

Visitation News

Annual Lighting of the Visitation Nativity Scene

The celebration of the Annual Lighting of the Visitation Academy Nativity Scene, followed by the Advent Mass, will take place on Sunday, December 4th, at 6:30 pm.  The Visitation Academy Father’s Club will be presenting the Distinguished Alumni Award to Dr. Christina DeLorenzo, a graduate of V.A.  Join us as we celebrate Advent in only the way Visitation Academy can.  


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Advent with St. Jane- Day 9

“Our Lord was taken for a child like others; from all powerful He appears all powerless; from all great, all little. All gentle and kind, He allowed Himself to be guided like a little lamb; from all rich with the eternal riches of the Father of lights, of Whom He is by nature the Eternal Son, He is become all poor like mortals, in an obscure stable, and has only very scantily what He needs, according as His most holy Mother and St. Joseph give and supply Him.

By this example let us take strength and courage. Oh that it might please Our Lord that we humble ourselves for Him, that we should live no more in ourselves, but in Him and His good pleasure.”

St. Jane de Chantal, Exhortation 111