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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

Chatting about: Divine Providence

What is the difference, as described in the video, between our own multiple actions, and the “unitary act of God”? Explain the comparison made in St. Francis’ analogy of the painter, on the one hand, and on the printmaker. The speaker in the video quotes St. Francis in saying that Divine Providence is that act […]

Divine Providence

He gives each of us what we need for salvation   This week we are moving into the section from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God, about God’s love for us. Be sure to watch the video “Divine Providence and God’s Love for Us” to help deepen your reflection and give you a […]

Chatting about Charity in the Treatise on the Love of God

The word “love” has many different meanings in our society. We may say “I love ice cream” or “I love Saturday mornings” or “I love my spouse.” In your opinion, do these statements really refer to the term “love” as St. Francis de Sales understands it? If not, why? According to St. Francis de Sales, […]