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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

Chatting ABOUT : Handling our Sorrows

Based on what Saint Francis says about sorrow and the good/bad aspects of it, what do you think (if anything) it tells us about the emphasis on Mary being the “Mother of Sorrows” and having a “Sorrowful Heart”? There is a common misconception that if someone is a Christian, then they shouldn’t suffer from depression, […]

Dealing with Sorrow

The “sorrow of the world” disturbs the heart​     Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership   We continue our series with Part IV, Chapter 12, “Sadness and Sorrow,“ from An Introduction to the Devout Life. Here Saint Francis encourages us through those dark, depressing times. Saint Paul says that “godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not […]

Chatting about: Anxiety

Sister Susan Marie (Moderator): What does St. Francis say is the danger when a soul becomes disturbed and anxious? What does it mean when the author says that your soul should be “in your hand”? When have you felt that your soul was in your hand? When have you felt that your soul was not […]