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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

St. Francis de Sales and Suffering

WHY SUFFERING? Last Sunday’s chat left us with a question which we  will take up on Sunday January 27th’s  chat: namely WHY SUFFERING? This is a great mystery ameliorated only by the fact that Our Lord Himself suffered, and greatly. St Francis de Sales offers advice about sadness, suffering and sorrow and some of its […]

Chatting about: DIVINE MERCY

Sunday’s chat focused on: : How have you experienced the Mercy of God?When did you discover the devotion to Divine Mercy? Sister: I discovered Divine Mercy in 1987 the year before I entered the Monastery But I don’t remember how now How did He catch you? C: That long ago? Wow, that must be first when PJPII […]

Chatting about: Discernment, again!

It is National Vocation Awareness Week- come join us for a chat and HELP session on discerning your vocation and giving advice on vocations Go to the Chat C: I’m always surprised just how busy a monastery is-lots more coming and going than one might think! Jan 13 2013, 7:34 PM Sister : Yes- definitely […]