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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

Chatting about: St. Jane de Chantal Gallery Community

What is the new St. Jane de Chantal Gallery Community all about? Who is invited to pray, visit and discern within this community? Where is it? Why was it established? How does it relate to the Georgetown Visitation Monastery? When can we visit? Sister Susan Marie: Welcome to tonight’s chat session! We started the new […]

Chat Highlights: Faith, Love,Evangelization

We discussed this article on Faith Love and Evangelization: http://web1.desales.edu/assets/salesian/PDF/ATP-NewEvangelization.pdf M: I was fascinated to learn from the article that the word “creed” comes two words: cor and do – heart and set. Sister : Yes I never knew that I also found the connection between love and faith interesting Faith in the heart along […]

Courage in Discernment

So, you are close to making your decision about your vocation, or you have just said Yes to the Lord! Or, you have just entered upon your Formation Program and are overwhelmed by the call to holiness! Strength at first fills you, but then waves of doubt begin to tumble over your soul. What have […]