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Discernment Sundays – Chat Room

Chatting about : Faith and Hope

By His gift of faith, God comes into our souls, talks to our mind. He proposes truths in darkness, in obscurity. But once this divine brightness of faith comes down upon the mind, it compels the obedience of the intellect without any show of reasoning or argument. Does Faith rest on the reasonableness of revealed […]

Faith and Hope- Blessed Feast of St Francis de Sales!

This week we are moving into the section from Saint Francis’ Treatise on the Love of God. Be sure to watch the video “Faith and Hope” to help deepen your reflection and give you a new way to embrace his timeless wisdom. (If you’d prefer to read St. Francis’ original text, this week’s video covers […]

Chatting about:the Work of Grace in Our Hearts

We have the power to reject God’s grace, His inspiration. The ruin is our doing, but God who is all good, never forsakes unless forsaken; never takes away his gifts unless we take away our hearts from Him. Man has the power to reject, no matter how much grace is given or how little. From […]