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Discernment with DeSales

Sunday Chat Highlights on God’s Will

A long chat last night with many topics- but here is the part on God’s will as originally posted: Sister: Did you have a special interest in the topic tonight on finding God’s will?  Jul 15 2012, 8:13 PM Guest227 (guest): always  Sister : It is not a simple matter yet it is the main […]

More on the will according to St Francis de Sales

There are many situations in life to which we respond by grumbling, or hesitancy in choosing the best response. This especially occurs when others are involved and make suggestions that don’t quite fit in with how we see things. St. Francis de Sales proposes a concept we don’t always find positive in our day, the […]

The Will of God according to St Francis de Sales

St. Francis de Sales,  Founder of the Visitation Order, knew that following the Will of God is essential to the Christian life and developed his theology around a profound understanding of His Will. He took the time to share his thoughts in a Conference with his Visitation Sisters. This short series over the next few […]