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Discernment with DeSales

Dialoging with DeSales on Discernment

Adapted from Conference 20 of St. Francis de Sales   Candidate: “ I thought that to be a good nun, it was enough to desire to pray well, to have visions and revelations, to see Angels in human form, to be ravished in ecstasies, to be fond of reading good books.  I thought I was […]

Discernment with DeSales-Religious Life is a Challenge!

So, according to St. Francis de Sales, what is the true motivation for entering religious life? The Saint shared his thoughts with the early Visitandines.(Conference 20)  “I say, then, my dear daughters, that our only intention ought to be to unite ourselves to God, as Jesus Christ united Himself to God His Father, by dying […]

Discernment With DeSales — Three Wrong Reasons to Become a Religious

We are beginning a short series on discerning a vocation with the Visitation Order, based on St. Francis de Sales’ own conference (Conference 20) on why one should become a religious. You are welcome to join in this series with your comments on this page or in the chat room. We hope this will help all […]