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Discernment with DeSales

Fortnight for Freedom

  The Founder of the Visitation Sisters, Bishop St. Francis de Sales, held deep theological positions on the concept of freedom. We will manifest his thinking during the “Fortnight for Freedom” through Fr. Eunan McDonnell’s book, The Concept of Freedom in the Writings of St. Francis de Sales. “Much of the contemporary debates on freedom […]

Sun Chat May 31 on Jesus:Unchanging and Always New

Jesus: Unchanging and Always New Sign up: Living Jesus Chat — Membership On Sunday we will chat about newness and uniqueness. In the preface to his Introduction to the Devout Life, Francis de Sales wrote: Glycera, a bouquet maker, was so skillful at changing flowers in order and arrangements and out of the same ones made […]

Chat Sun 4/19: God’s Presence in our Sometimes Messy Lives

God’s Presence in Our Sometimes Messy Lives Live+Jesus     On Sunday we will chat about peace amidst suffering. In 1954, the great French painter, Henri Matisse, died at the age of eighty-six. In the last years of his life, arthritis crippled and deformed his hands, making it painful for him to hold a paintbrush. […]