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Visitandines and Associates Gather for Leadership Conference

This Memorial Day weekend the Leadership Forum of the Second Federation gathers at the Marianist Retreat Center in Wildwood, Missouri for a workshop with Visitation Sisters and lay friends on leadership skills and Salesian styles of leading. Please pray for them!

British Visitandines Speak

On Politics, on Life! Read it here:   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1369567446443512&set=a.496439447089654.1073741825.100001708096800&type=3&theater

Discover the New Exhibit at the Visitation Museum

New exhibit on Lace opens at Visitation Museum in Moulins, France http://www.lamontagne.fr/moulins/loisirs/art-litterature/2017/05/17/quatre-raisons-de-decouvrir-la-nouvelle-exposition-du-musee-de-la-visitation-de-moulins_12406948.html# Excerpts Translated by blogger: Here are four reasons to discover the new exhibition presented at the Museum of the Visitation, in Moulins, until December 23: The new temporary exhibition of the Visitation Museum  shows  beautiful lace. And not only those of liturgical clothing. […]