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Formation Q&A of St. Jane

Reforming through Prayer

St. Jane de Chantal continues her Conference on Reformation of Soul by giving two addtional ways we can improve our inner lives: “The second means of reformation is to exercise ourselves in prayer and in mortification, for these are the two wings for flying to God; one sustains the other. There are souls that God […]

Reformation of Soul

St. Jane de Chantal gave many spiritual conferences to her Sisters in the early days of the Visitation Order. Many of her insights are applicable to laity as well as religious. In this series, which will be followed up in our Chat sessions on Sunday evenings, we are going to share the wisdom of the […]

Do Nuns Pray All Day?

We conclude this first part of the series on Formation Questions and Answers , with St. Jane’s teachings on the prayer life of a Visitation Sister. Often when a candidate is considering a monastic vocation, friends and family will inquire, “but what do you do all day in a Monastery?” Sometimes one will try to […]