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Guard of Honor

Remain in His Love

What more wonderful wish can anyone wish for than that of remaining in the Love of God? There is no better place to rest, recharge,  draw all that is necessary and indispensable to our lives. God provides everything, in everything! It is therefore naturally this wish that we formulate for you, your families, your loved […]

Correspondence to Grace- Guard of Honor Reflection for Advent

We have come to the end of the liturgical year and are in the last weeks of this year! All our projects or wishes formulated at the dawn of 2017 may not always have materialized according to our desires and this leaves us with a bitter taste or even some real disappointments. Or, on the […]

The Judgement of the Lord

From the feast of the holy souls and the saints to that of Christ the King, everything reminds us in this month that we are only people passing through the earth and that we will meet the King of kings face to face! Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud reminds us of this reality […]