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Guard of Honor

Loving Behavior: Guard of Honor Reflections for Sept.

The acts of love There is nothing more glorious for God, nothing is more profitable for us to often produce acts of Love! Nothing is  more consoling especially for Jesus because He is Love Itself! St Augustine said: “Love and do what you want! “In fact, Love is the summary of all laws, the summit […]

August Reflections of the Guard of Honor

Guarding Our Thoughts At the heart of summer, contrary to the spirit of the world that suggests relaxing the body and mind, the foundress of the Guard of Honor, Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud invites us to ” focus ” on the essential of our lives! After all, this summer that allows us […]

July Reflections of Guard of Honor: Self-forgetfulness

Self-forgetfulness An heroic virtue – forgetting oneself! But Jesus showed us the way because he descended first into the abyss of “nothing.” “He emptied himself;He took the form of a slave …  Created  in the image of God,  we were essentially made to contemplate and love, but since original sin, the established order was reversed. […]