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Guard of Honor

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

Everything attracts us, captivates us, leads us to the perishable world! We have the care and tenderness for everything that strikes our senses and attracts our affections … but we often forget the one who is Love, our Lord Jesus present at the tabernacle! We feel in no hurry to come to his feet, listen […]

For Jesus, In Jesus, With Jesus

Jesus Christ, after having offered us an abode in his Heart, invites us today to live from His life, that is, to divinize all our actions, doing them for Him, with Him and in Him.The souls who wish to glorify their Creator and return love to Him for love, feel sorry for seeing their impotence. […]

Holding our hearts high

There are hours when life would not be supportable, or the soul would suffocate under the pressure of pain, if it could not rise higher, take refuge in the upper regions or reign with a  peace that nothing could disturb . With the aid of this high heart, let us never be discouraged, let us […]