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Guard of Honor

Divine Grace- Reflections of the Guard of Honor

Divine grace However precious┬á divine grace may be, it needs our cooperation to be effective; But we have the sad power ito resist it with sterility in our souls. Just as at the time of the year when nature smiles at the rays of the sun, we can deliver our souls to the fertile influences […]

By Him, With Him and in Him! April Reflections from Guard of Honor

By Him, with Him and in Him! Jesus offers us a pleasant home in his Sacred Heart, He invites us to live His life by deifying all our acts and accomplishing them by Him, with Him and in Him! Souls wishing to glorify their Creator wish to make love for love. And we, the inhabitants […]

The Spirit of Faith- Guard of Honor Reflection for Feb 2017

“Faith is the lighted torch of our soul” reminds our founder. In this month, which begins with the Feast of the Presentation, “the feast of the Light”, could we not, symbolically, each morning rekindle the blessed candle received that day and ask Jesus to maintain in us the spark of the faith ? The Spirit […]