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“Living Jesus” booklet

Reflecting the Dignity of Persons

Salesian Spirituality is founded on the belief that all people are created in God’s image and likeness. Recognizing this, there is the challenge to treat each human person with respect, even reverence. For St Francis, this dignity supercedes all other facets of creation: “When Scripture speaks of our being created in the image and likeness […]

Accepting the Will of God

St. Francis de Sales defines love as an active union of human will with the Divine. This love is imitative of Jesus’ love for his Father. St. Francis says that the Christian lives between the “two wills of God”: God’s will to be done, “how it should be”. and the will of God’s good pleasure, […]

Preparing for the Day

In the Salesian tradition there is the daily practice of preparing for the day. This is another element that grew from the “Rule of Life” St. Francis de Sales established for himself as a student in Padua. He began the day with this practice which he performed each morning, where ‘by using his imagination, St. […]