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“Living Jesus” booklet

Living Faithfully the Duties of One’s Vocation

Everyone desires fulfillment; at the most basic level of existence this is an expression of desire to love God. This desire may not be articulated in explicitly religious language, but fulfillment ultimately can be found only in love of God. St. Francis de Sales writes in the Introduction to the Devout Life: “It is an […]

Living in the Present Moment

St. Francis de Sales has been called a Christian existentialist because of his emphasis on the present. His advice is: ” Live one day at a time, leaving the rest in God’s care..go along with confidence in Divine Providence, worrying only about the present day and leaving your heart in the Lord’s care.” The past […]

Living in the Presence of God

The Salesian perspective on prayer is attention to the presence of God. St. Francis writes, “Wherever we are, we find God present, but we do not think of it. So we must challenge our soul to an attentive consideration of His presence.” St. Francis counsels us to prepare for prayer by “bringing our souls into […]